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    2019 ATP Sudden Death League: FRENCH OPEN

    QR3: V Troicki BU: Sir Gay Stakhovsky :laughing:
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    2019 ATP Sudden Death League: FRENCH OPEN

    Man, Bolelli had to come back from down a break in the third set to take out Dominik Koepfer after serving him a breadstick in the opening set.
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    Daniel def. Garin

    It's Istanbul, not Constantinople. ;)
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    New Volkl String - massive spin

    I hope they plan to release this string in black. I don't much care for the red color, it's too flashy.
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    Win A Title, Then Lose Your Next Match

    I don't think the Spanish Bull will be enjoying a stay at the WATLYNM, but some fine candidates from Lyon and Geneva are certainly possibilities.
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    Should Steve Johnson try another profession?

    That's an understatement. ;)
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    Daniel def. Garin

    Taro Daniel, the Japanese player?
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    Fed FO 2019 Outfit is out!

    Yeah the colors don't exactly wow me. Also, I feel like you need swap the outfits around. Wear the Brown colored Polo with the Beigeish shorts and then the Begeish Polo with the Brown Shorts, because otherwise, it's way too matchy.
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    Berdych is so underrated

    You honestly think he would have beaten Nadal in the final?
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    Anyone know for how long Djokovic has the #1 ranking secured?

    He's not a bad guy, but he just has no signature style of play that makes him super compelling to watch. Rafa has the insane lefty topspin forehand and Roger plays this all-court attacking tennis game and makes it look so easy at times. I also feel like Novak so desperately wants the crowd to...
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    Are you hyped for Roland Garros?

    After he choked the first set away to Rafa, it was pretty much over. Had he won that first set (he was up 5-2) that match could have been very different.
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    Are you hyped for Roland Garros?

    Still remember this one from 8 years ago!
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    So the favorites to win RG are Nadal, Djokovic and Fognini

    Who said anything about Federer?