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    Sacramento Tennis?

    I will check it out. Finally getting my timing back.:)
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    Lockout calibration question

    I forgot what the OP mentioned after 2 pages of reading. I would have given up and called the machine manufacturer.
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    Eagnas Combo 910/Pro's Pro Turntable Wobble

    Quality machines and customer service! When they call their machines and product trash, why buy from them? I love the sue me comments!
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    How long does it take to string a racquet?

    I like that he backed up what he said. He earned some cool points with me.
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    looking for strining machine

    I was thinking the same thing Dire. I don't think anyone does research before they post their questions. I remember before I bought my lock out I had my list narrowed down based on the info provided by reputable posters and the same when I added a Wise. I even picked up new stringing...
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    For older Ektelon and other machines

    I think that is an awesome upgrade. It will save people so much money. The upgrade looks like it is solidly machined and will last a life time. If you think about it $220 is is a good investment vs buying expensive floating clamps.
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    Any one else shed tears when Andy spoke?

    I agree with the poster above.^ I am not a Murray fan but his emotional reaction made me respect him. Murray has a few things to work on and he will win a slam. The biggest thing he needs to work on is his variety on second serve. I think Ivan Lendl will help get Andy over the hump. The...
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    Death to the starting knot

    Same for me! I never had a knot break or slip through a grommet. If you are having issue with your grommets. Tennis-Flare-It makes a grommet tool that will flare and kinda fold down the grommet closer to the frame. I use it when I have a new racquet to string. I like it because it puts the...
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    How heavy is the counterweight on a dropweight stringer?

    Order it on line and save on shipping/taxes. You should be able to find a solid drop weight with some sort of shipping special or deal.
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    My Wise 2086 Tension Head Died!!!

    I already have an Alpha Apex 2 so I'm not too concerned about fan patterns. I can't remember the last time I strung a fan patterned stick? Hmm maybe about 2 years. I won't need to modify a thing. I get a mint Neos 1k for 3 bills, the manual, and all the parts. All I need to do is calibrate and...
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    Federer vs Youzhny Wimbledon quarters 2012

    I would say 80%. If he knocks Youzhny off in 3 which looks highly likely. He will be able to rest it and get more treatment.
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    My video clips thread

    I support the above see a teaching pro statements. I didn't get my serve issues corrected until I had a college player buddy of mine to help me correct my technique. On the TW message board: A so called expert could possibly be a 12 year old... Honestly, a tennis clinic or a few lessons...
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    My Wise 2086 Tension Head Died!!!

    ^I usually use USPS but their boxes are a bit flimsy. I don't feel as bad about this situation because I'm about to buy a mint condition Prince Neos 1000 for $300. A buddy of mine is getting rid of his machine. He doesn't play the game anymore. The machine never saw much use since he only...
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    Quality: Klippermate vs $1000+ machines

    I've strung gut on a Klipper. I was careful as hell because that cam gripper isn't gut or soft multi friendly. It can be done though.
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    Wise2086 vs Drop weight like Stringway ML 100

    Not much to go wrong on the ML100 because it is a drop weight machine. Approximately $1200 for a new machine vs $500 for the add on? I would go with the Wise. I like the functionality of the Wise with the foot pedal. The pre-stretch option is awesome. I was leaning towards the MS200 but then...