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    Video: Got a chance to play a match on the US Open courts

    That's cool! Thanks for posting.
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    Tips for captains

    I would quit. I'm 40 and figure that soon enough I will be looking for sex scraps due to health or whatever- I won't turn it down for sure. My wife would make me quit too!
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    Verdasco with Radical OS

    So does that mean it’s cool to use again?
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    At least in weight they seem to. Have 2 v3 tc97 ordered 6 mos apart that are identical weights and balance....
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    The Brotherhood of the Traveling Radical

    No idea how I missed this but wanted to pop in anyway and say- "Neat-o!"
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    djNEiGht string trade

    Good stuff. We didn't place any expectations on shipping (both busy irl) but both used priority mail anyway. Cool deal with plenty of communication
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    Thread on: STRING TRADES

    Trade pending
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    Thread on: STRING TRADES

    2 crossfire ZX and one monogut ZX pro. WTT for equivalent ($33 in) syngut in 16 gauge. Prefer either sets or partial reels of Prince Synthetic gut with or without D, gamma WITHOUT Wearguard, OGSM or Forten Sweet.
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    Thread on: STRING TRADES

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    What your racquet says about you

    I assume either gear nerd or he's going to run me to death. Whether new release or original. :)
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    Wilson Blade help

    Unless you just want something different (which is cool if you admit it to yourself :) ) you really should listen to fuzz and try the V1 classic or pro. Other than the prince phantoms and PK options, anyone with arm issues should try those... I think weight preferences play a part too- too...
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    Who still uses a 10 year or older racket

    I think instead of a Pro K it was a Spalding. I recently found a pic of me playing with the Spalding Elyptech (sp) and it reminded me that my coach reped for Spalding... Just had to correct that. I'd love to see one online somewhere....
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    Bad info from TW Customer service even on the phone?

    Thanks. I have never been the "I need to speak with a manager" dude (except INSIDE my own company, lol) but I was sort of at a loss. Allen reached out and, even though we don't have a time machine to fix mistakes, he checked into the account and has helped as best he could. He offered that I...
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    Bad info from TW Customer service even on the phone?

    Edited. Best approach when phone cs fails you? It's too late since the tournament is tomorrow but e-mail takes forever...
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    FS : Angell TC 100 Pro

    The pro was a "stock" frame- not one of the CUSTOMS. So the stats are on the internet.... Weight 300g / 10.6oz Pattern 16 x 19 Tension 50 – 65lbs Balance 325mm / 6pts hl Length 27" / 685.8mm Stiffness 67RA