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    Arm pains - advice please!

    May also want to add some ice to the sore areas. It may speed up your recovery time by reducing the inflammation.
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    string savers and racquet tune

    I had thought that adding string savers would increase tension, (only a tiny amount though), since in effect it increases the distance between ports, thus stretching the string just a tiny bit tighter. The only way I know of to minimize tension loss is to use full bed natural gut, although...
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    Head light vs. Head heavy racquets?

    I very much prefer HL. Small head (85-93 sq in).
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    Best tennis racket brand

    I like Wilson & Dunlop. Have not had any extended playing time with other brands though.
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    Best Natural Gut String

    When I used full bed natural gut, I had best success (less breakage issues than VS or Tonic), with Klip Legend. Have just started to experiment with hybrid now, Wilson Champion's Choice. I will next try mains gut with 4G crosses.
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    VS Touch Mains, Luxilon 4G vs. Luxilon ALU Power Crosses

    Thank you for those inputs! I guess that will be the key, trying a few tensions a few times and carefully documenting which frames w/which tensions, and then finding just the right power vs. control balance.
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    VS Touch Mains, Luxilon 4G vs. Luxilon ALU Power Crosses

    Keen Interest I am following this thread with keen interest. I have been using full gut for a few years now, (for comfort AND tension maintenance-not a string breaker), but just tried Wilson Champions Choice (BLX 90) for the last few months. I am about ready to break the gut mains, (I'm sure...
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    Breaking News: ITF banned poly for 2015

    I would immediately switch to full gut.
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    ***Dunlop Aerogel 1hundred (AG100) club***

    Klip Legend 15L, one @ 59#, one @ 57#. I really like this setup! I am considering going back to try 16 for a little more bite though.
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    Full gut in APD

    I am currently liking full gut (Klip Legend) 15L @ 59 lbs in a Dunlop 4D100. plenty of pop with excellent control.
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    Stringing tension difference between different brands of natural gut

    If you are not a string breaker, then the natural gut full bed may actually be more cost efficient, since it will hold it's tension until breakage. If you are prone to breakage, then synthetic would be more cost effective. Hope your experiment is a success!
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    Best Natrual Gut Strings?

    I have had best success with Klip Legend. Currently using 15L. 9-12 months durability. Tonic broke several times.
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    Hat question...

    I used to play with a white bucket style in the 70s. They were a little more common on courts then. I also thought of trying one, so that I wouldn't have to put sun screen on my ears and back of neck. I have not tested yet though. I was a kid back then and did not have much of a game.
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    Club Chopin Announcement: Poly Shirts Suck

    Natural fiber is usually best!
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    Best under a hundy for 3.5/4.0

    Dunlop Bio Max 200G or 4D100 (only 90" but very all court)