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    #19 still feels unreal

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    Post Pictures of Your Apparel!

    Between 2006 and 2008, Nike really messed up with whatever material they used for the Swoosh and various decals. So many of them melt if not kept in perfect climates. I had to replace the swoosh on so many of mine. In some cases I even washed the inferior swoosh off and replaced it before it had...
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    Post Pictures of Your Apparel!

    Good to see the OG's @innoVAShaun and @Babolast still posting in this all-time great thread. I'll make some posts of my collection soon as I've slowed down. May even sell parts of it. Let's keep this thread pumping!
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    Most suited surfaces for each player.

    Delete thread.
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    Post Pics of Your Favorite Nadal Shirts

    Nadal's US Open 2005 shirt is still the most ridiculous thing ever. Only trumped by him and Lopez wearing matching red shirts... :D
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    Rafa RG 2020 Pink Wristband

    Cause they're pink? Or cause they carry evil spirits?
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    Rafa RG 2020 Pink Wristband

    Is this another classic 'Non-Retail' Nike keep from the shelves? Can't find them.
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    Federer Cincinnati 2015 Pink Fuschia Polo

    Any size from Medium and above. Email -
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    The Roger Federer of Snooker playing tennis

    Yeah I swear they are fly fishing out there in their tracksuits.
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    Funniest Roddick Quote (Poll)

    Best interview ever.
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    Rafa Nadal Hewitt Aus Open 2005 Blue Sleeveless

    Any size is fine Email
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    Wanted: Nike 2009 Shorts - Nadal AO 2009

    I have these in Medium and Large. XS and S gonna be a hard find.
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    Federer's worst screw ups

    Should have won this year's Wimbledon final. No match points at all in the US Open 2009 final. One match point in the 4th set tiebreak Aus Open 2005 semi at 6-5, which Marat bossed with a big return and smart play.
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    Fed has held MP's and lost in 22 matches throughout his career, Nole just 3 matches.

    List all the matches in question. Will be good to see. For both players. Throw in Nadal if you can.