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    Vid of some casual points

    The racquet is almost stationary = almost 0 kinetic energy
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    Vid of some casual points

    Contact point looks better than your other vid. Backswing has a stiff pause before you pull so you are not getting stretch/extended of the ATP style forehand.
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    Some players like to use old depressurized balls to play matches, do u encounter them?

    Really old balls with no fluff can be total bullets on serve I like old balls because I'm rubbish at high balls on the fh side.
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    Heavy Racquet improves technique?

    Disagree. It encourages bunting/pushing the ball rather than accelerating through. Also many rec players are not in shape enough to hold their technique together with heavy racquets an entire match. Your forearm shouldn't be doing much unless you are arming the ball and gripping tight.
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    ttw "throwing" discussions

    Interesting. I stuggle to visualise how to apply this to the serve, does this mean we should arm the serve and not shoulder-over-shoulder pull the arm? Does this explain how Kyrgios can bomb serves with no real shoulder turn or leg drive?
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    Private lesson: how do you get them to help your serve?

    I've given up with coaching. The last two coaches seemed to think a waiter's tray serve was fine lolwtfamipayingfor. This. Add to that slowmo video is on most phones now, it becomes a game of spot the difference from a pro.
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    Too much topspin?

    You still look off balance and reaching forward to contact the ball.
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    Too much topspin?

    Indeed. Possibly because much of the racquet lag is going in to going down rather than back
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    Ways to Adjust Racket Height to Impact Ball for Ground Strokes

    A good video that talks about torso angle for high balls, starts about 2:10
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    Ways to Adjust Racket Height to Impact Ball for Ground Strokes

    The tilt-the-shoulders then and going slightly across the ball seems to be the most effective for me after legs. For low balls sometimes you just have to slice it though, no getting around the court surface. I'm not always too good at judging this though.
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    Too much topspin?

    The only time there is too much spin is when they drop short. A warmup is to get your stroke warmed up not some alterna-stroke to give them balls they want. Maybe they should warm up with a ball machine.
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    Pinpoint vs Platform serve stance

    The ATP forehand of tennis serves ;) Seriously it seems easier to squat your serve like many on the WTA with pinpoint. Kinda jelly of Kyrgios' flowing pinpoint serve though.
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    Fergus Murphy should be suspended.

    So you're saying the master troll got trolled?
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    WTA: Who are the 3 best women on the planet currently?

    Whichever of the top15 doesn't have a mental meltdown I'd swap Graf for Kirilenko
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    Tips on my tennis serve *update*

    You spiral your arm around your body during your toss