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    Starting a pro career at 35, what do you think?

    THere was a guy who did this at 34, Gregory Howe. He wrote a book about it, Chasing Points. I think he started in ITFs in Africa. I'll read it and report back.
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    No Yonex Ezone Ai98's for sale - what's a good replacement?

    Yonex marketing is so confusing (all racket marketing is confusing) so I can't figure out what a good replacement racket for my Ezone Ai98 would be and I don't want to spend $175 on a used racket.
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    If you hit against a wall, would you be interested in faster tennis ball?

    But if you stand closer you always have to hit the ball on the rise. It's more like half-volley practice.
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    If you hit against a wall, would you be interested in faster tennis ball?

    No interest at all? When you hit against a wall, you never have to handle pace because the ball loses so much momentum by the time it hits the wall. Faster ball means learning to handle pace even when you're hitting against a wall. If you ever get an old ball that's worn down but retains it's...
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    If you hit against a wall, would you be interested in faster tennis ball?

    I hit against the wall a lot and I've been looking for a faster tennis ball but can't find any. Do you know of any? I'm thinking of a ball somewhere between a black racquetball and a regular duty tennis ball.
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    Why do hard court balls have more felt

    "Extra duty" hard court balls have more felt. But what happens if you use regular duty balls on a hard court? Will they lose their felt faster? Is the felt the only difference, or do extra duty balls also have less rebounce? I'm looking for high rebounce, low felt balls and I think Wilson...
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    The longevity of the Big 4

    You know another sport where the champions are getting older and older? Arm wrestling.
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    Should kids learn with old racquets

    Players today hit harder, run faster, are bigger and taller . . . and the combined age of the two FO finalists was 68. Combined age in last Wimbledon final was almost 70. How do you reconcile those two things?
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    Should kids learn with old racquets

    The net clearance is 5 feet and the ball lands well within the lines most of the time. It's the spin that keeps the opponent pinned behind the baseline.
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    Should kids learn with old racquets

    If it was one of the big 3 who dominated, then I would concede that it was probably not the rackets. But all three? It's more likely a common factor.
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    Should kids learn with old racquets

    Like I say upthread, it's not the pace it's the accuracy. If you hit with a bigger racket head and stiffer frame, yeah you are going to hit hard. But can you hit the corners? Or does the ball land at the service line?
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    Where does Djokovic's forehand rank in the best forehands in the Open Era?

    His forehand is somewhere between Kyle Edmund and Steve Johnson.
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    What muscles are key to hitting big forehands?

    Agassi hit his biggest forehands when he was a 150 pounder. The forehand seems to disappear early in a lot of careers. Roddick and Ryan Harrison come to mind as players that never got their forehand back.
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    Why did player age decline in the 80s??

    As you can see player age declined in the 80s? Any theories? Chang won FO in 1989 at 17. And why did it rise so fast in the 2008-2018 era?