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    US Open waiver - "I voluntarily assume full responsibility for any risks ... including ... death ... whether caused by NTC negligence or otherwise"

    Whether caused by NTC negligence or not? Hang on a sec, nobody's actually going to sign that insane thing, are they?
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    Not Only in Tennis; Top Goalscorers of the Top Football Leagues in the World are all in Their Thirties!

    Why would there not be a constant stream of new young stars in a cheap sport like soccer? You can play soccer at the north pole. You can play soccer anywhere. There are soccer fields at every school on the face of the earth. Unlike tennis, there's no financial barrier to entry. It's the most...
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    Not Only in Tennis; Top Goalscorers of the Top Football Leagues in the World are all in Their Thirties!

    There are plenty of great young hockey players though. No shortage of dominant young scorers in the NHL.
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    What happened to US men's tennis?

    That's not the case I was making. I specifically said the abuse was unforgivable. For the most part, the gymnasts have a complicated, nuanced view of the Karolyis. Many of them accept that their successes would not have happened without the Karolyis. For more info, check out the ESPN podcast...
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    What happened to US men's tennis?

    On the subject of coaching, USA Gymnastics had accomplished nothing prior to the Karolyis taking over. Since, they're had the Magnificent Seven, the Fierce Five, and the Final Five. The Karolyis presided over the greatest Olympic moment in US history, Kerri Strug's vault, which it was thought at...
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    Novak Djokovic still hasn’t made a decision in regards to playing the US Open

    Djokovic's likelihood of winning the USO is far greater than RG, so I think he should play it, even though I like the Thiemstar to take it all.
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    Why does Kyrigos think he is better than he is?

    Kyrgios doesn't want to be an accomplished player. That's what makes him so edgy. He's untethered from the demands of pride that unfairly shackle many of his fellow players. Krygios can enjoy all of the fringe benefits offered by the tour, such as boinking anonymous groupies and playing video...
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    How many slams would Monica Seles have won if she didn't get intercepted?

    I didn't know Monica Seles was a football.
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    Why did Pat Cash win only one slam?

    The reason the Aussie tennis authorities were not more supportive of Cash is that he was the precursor of the current generation of ill-mannered Aussies. He had a big mouth and would say and do things that were considered outrageous at the time, and still would be today, such as talking about...
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    Why did Pat Cash win only one slam?

    Cash had a good schtick, a really good schtick, but it wasn't overwhelming in the Becker/Sampras sense. He also played in a very deep era, full of ATG players. There are a lot of one-slam wonders though, so Cash isn't unique.
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    Thiem plans to play the US Open even though it will be "extremely risky" w/o his entourage

    I think the Thiemstar is the favourite. I don't necessarily think he's a lock to win it, but I wouldn't be surprised if he did.
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    Who was better Seles vs Graf

    I don't know what the numbers say, but my memory from the time is that Seles' game was much too powerful for anyone in those days. She had underlying psychological issues that came out later and hindered her long term results, but her best game was better than Graf or anybody else.
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    Top 2 all time

    I vote Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello.