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    NCAA Men's Tournament 2019

    They were struggling to get the potential matchups on the bracket right yesterday... I can forgive screwing up pronunciations, especially given the number of players they have to prepare for.... but sweet baby Jesus at least get the bracket right.
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    NCAA Men's Tournament 2019

    incredibly frustrating to say the least.......
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    NCAA Men's Tournament 2019 - look for the "video" link on the left side of the page.
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    NCAA Men's Tournament 2019

    Anyone have an online link to watch this? Playsight is off and Djokovic-Schwartzman just now going to a third set..... Never mind - found it on the USTA facebook page.
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    NCAA Men's Tournament 2019

    Really dumb question...... why do the girls not play let serves and the guys do?
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    NCAA Men's Tournament 2019

    Someone had to step up when the entire Pac-12 crapped itself....
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    Nike Vapor X Foamposite news?

    Any update on a potential release date?
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    NCAA Men's Tournament 2019

    thanks - they got it going late in the doubles point. Looks like first sets split evenly 3-3
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    NCAA Men's Tournament 2019

    no livestream for USC-UNC?
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    ACC tennis

    Wake 5 UNC 2 in Winston Salem. Heels won doubles (courts 1 & 3) and started well in singles. Deacs with a nice rally after dropping #6 singles in straight sets to go down 0-2. Score was then even at 2 with straight set wins for the Deacs at #2 (Petros 4&2) and Cungu at #5 (5&3). Gojo, and...
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    2019 Shoes

    Foamposite basketball shoes are pretty coveted as retros, not on the level of the Air Jordans but there about as good as anything Nike has. Would definitely see Kyrgios wearing them. Almost as cool as the Air Jordan III RF shoes from a years back..... but not quite.
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Luxilon Natural Gut & Elite Dry Overgrip

    same here... i've tried both sides and it feels about the same....
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    New whiteout HEAD tennis bag

    Any idea when it’ll be available in the US?
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    FS: 3x Head Youtek IG Speed MP (18/20) 4 1/4

    Final Drop: All 3 for $140 or $50 per frame. Shipping included.