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    Wombledon should become the atp finals

    I say just make Wimbledon a clay or hard court event and leave it. Grass is a completely antiquated surface that is no longer viable in today’s game!
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    Tennis without fans

    People that behave that way should be dragged from their seats and beaten to death.
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    Tennis without fans

    Not at all! It was 1000 times better without fans!
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    Tennis without fans

    I’m probably the only one that thinks this way but I found tennis and all sports for that matter, so much more enjoyable to watch without any fans in the stands. You could hear all the comments and such which added to the enjoyment without all the idiots fans doing stupid crap and distracting...
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    Osaka - Netflix trailer

    I have never liked Osaka! She has come across as a Whiney baby ever since she came on the scene. She thinks she is somehow important, but she is less than worthless! Tennis is her job and doing media is part of said job! Suck it up and do it or quit! No one cares what you think or if you’re too...
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    LeBron James vs Roger Federer: Who's the more famous athlete?

    Basketball may be more popular overall but that makes the fact that Federer is more popular worldwide even more impressive. Besides that Fed is a total class act where Lebron is a total POS!
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    Novak Djokovic’s excessive punishment is terrible for US Open

    The punishment for Djoker was completely spot on. He did the crime so he has to accept the punishment. It doesn't help his cause that he comes off as an arrogant D Bag and almost no one likes him. Everyone would be better off if he would just go away and never be heard from again. He will...
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    Unfairity for Djokovic by US is biased against him.

    Novak is a big baby and whiner and has been his entire career. Bottom line is he broke the rules and got what he deserved. Personally I find him to be very cocky and arrogant as well as coming off as a jerk. I don't find his game to be good and hope the fans and media keep kicking him while...
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    New Nike collection inspired by Agassi !

    Typical Nike, the worst quality, ugliest crap out there sold for 5 times what it's worth. Nothing Nike makes is worth getting, not just for tennis but in general. These outfits that the players are wearing are simply terrible. No rec player would show up to their USTA match wearing this crap...
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    Tips for making tournaments more interesting during the corona pandemic?

    I'm sure this is an unpopular opinion, but I actually much prefer it with no fans. I can't stand people calling out and oohhhing and aaahhhing while the points are going on. Especially the idiot New York people which seems to be worse than anywhere else. They could bring in some current...
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    Ons Jabeur-what a player! Will reach a slam final someday.

    She definitely has some game but is too fat and needs to get fit to have any chance.
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    New surface at the USO this year

    From all I have been seeing so far the courts do seem very quick. IMHO this is a terrible idea. Slow Hard courts are absolutely the way to go. Fast surfaces promote serve bots and S&V which makes for faster matches. I think the USTA is trying to keep things moving faster this year since it is...
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    Nike calls Nick Kyrgios a loser. An outrage.

    Nike is by far the worst company that has probably ever existed. They make complete garbage products and sell them for far too much and the idiot public eats it up. Anyone that is affiliated with Nike or supports them or their products has made the wrong choice. I threw away anything from...
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    How does everyone here feel about Hawkeye Live?

    I think it is the future of all professional tennis. The Line Review is just a visual confirmation of what the machine called. I have seen a couple of instances where the call was wrong when they looked at the line review, so I think that is good as well.
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    How do you listen to music in your car?

    Radio Radio and Radio. Takes too long and is too much hassle to get the phone going in the car for the very short drives I take regularly. I seldom drive longer than about 15 minutes and it's not worth it to get anything else going besides the radio. I pretty much only listen to two stations too.