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    How does this work?

    Minus the six figures he racked up....
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    Azarenka = Irritating

    I would add the caveat here there decibels are in a logarithmic scale...sorta like the Richter scale where a 7.0 is a hell of a lot worse than a 6.0 earthquake (by 10 times, not just "1 level" higher). Also I would be interested if any men stack up near these levels. For the most part there is...
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    US Open Series Atlanta: Terrible.

    So Atlanta held a spot in the USO lineup but it was on clay, got moved to Indy starting 02 onto hard, and is back now '10 in the ATL. I'm a resident just about 5miles away so it'll be hard for me to walk out disappointed...
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    Caption this

    Nothing sums that match up better than this!! And nothing has been funnier yet either ;)
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    The Last Two FO's have shown....

    That Soderling is basically a mindless baseline basher, proving that there is room in the Top 10 for these players. Let's face it, with all due respect to the success Soderling has had since last year, he's still at the end of the day a mindless baseline basher. He relies on fast, deep shots...
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    Predictions for 2010?

    Nah I wasn't serious with my earlier post. I don't think Davy will take those slams nor do I care for him to. Want: AO - Really close between Nadal and Roddick FO - Nadal Wimby -'s finally his time USO - Djokovic Think: Fed 2 slams out of 3 (exclude FO...FO = Nadal for sure)...
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    Predictions for 2010?

    AO - Davydenko FO - Davydenko Wimby - Roddick USO - Davydenko
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    Santoro's playing the Australian Open!

    What an arrogant jerk, denying some possible newcomer an entry into a GS event just so he can have a "thing" He better do some work in there and go into at least Rd 3 if he's gonna be such a co**block.
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    2009 ATP Serve Awards

    You're putting him in the wrong position, unless Anaconda is a top 50 pro player. Numbers speak volumes, and here, Roddick trumps Karlovic in all service categories except Aces.
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    Female version of Nadal?

    Physically I get the sense Serena is as imposing as Nadal is.
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    Best Davis Cup player this era

    Why's there no Roddick option? That's who I vote for purely numbers-wise.
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    Nadal vs Soderling 2007 Wimbledon 3rd Round

    He already proved it wasn't a fluke by beating Nadal in 4 sets. Clearly Nadal took a set off him, showing that it was still a fight...and the 4th set ended in a tie break. Soderling outplayed Nadal, as much as I hate to say it it is the truth. Nadal was not playing his 100% at FO. I think...
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    Nadal vs Soderling 2007 Wimbledon 3rd Round

    Hm so it's automatically pathetic if a Top 5 player gets defeated by someone who's outside of that group? What about Fed's losses this year? I would argue 2nd round in a masters event is a much worse result than 4th round at a Slam, right? (Paris, L to Bennetau in Rd 2 [effectively first round...
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    Which country has the best system for producing pros?

    It has to be Spain...even players like Safin, Safina, Murray, etc. have gone to train in Spain in their youth. France is a close second.
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    Murray's "habit" lead to break up....

    Yess Modern Warfare 2!! I Need Murray's Xbox Live Sn!