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    Did Murray over achieve in his career?

    He underachieved in his 30s due to injury, that cost him maybe 1-3 more slams. Before that, his achievements match his talent. - 3 slams - 2 gold medals - Year end #1 - Finalist at all 4 slams - Loads of masters titles - Davis Cup - Big titles on every surface - Loads of big wins against the...
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    has Djokovic reached a higher level on Clay compared to Grass?

    Djokovic is a better grass court player because it brings out his best qualities (once he adapted to be the surface). His baseline piece and particularly his return are more unique on grass because it's a more serve dominant surface. He benefits from the support on his own serve, while still...
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    How do you like this new Davis Cup finals format compared to the prior format?

    DC's previous schedule and format had massive problems (i.e that top players didn't play). Moving to a tournament format is necessary. But it needs a better spot on the calendar.
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    How do you like this new Davis Cup finals format compared to the prior format?

    It's a shame to lose BO5 but the problem with BO5 is it's not a format that's conducive to a congested schedule. You can't play BO5 every day. The slams can do it because they have a day in between. Ultimately if you had Federer Vs Nadal and Wawrinka Vs Ferrer in the final of the World Cup of...
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    How do you like this new Davis Cup finals format compared to the prior format?

    I don't have a problem with the format becoming Bo3. It's very much possible to have a great event with Bo3. The ATP Cup is a very fun event. The problem is that they have taken away the passionate crowd atmosphere and they have not fixed the calendar problems that cause top players to not...
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    Best suited racket for Advanced (4.5-5.0) aggressive baseline player

    I would second the Pure Strike Tour recommendations.
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    B. (what kind of joke is this) F.

    97p is class
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    Federer and Djokovic switch oppenents

    I have no idea how anyone can confidently back any version of Federer against pre-2015 Nadal. Federer literally didn't beat Nadal at any slam for 10 years and was already struggling with him on his favourite surface, at his peak, when Nadal was still developing his game.
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    ProKennex Ki Q+ Tour Pro 315 (2021 model)

    The 2019 version has an uninspiring but fairly inoffensive design. Same name. Nice racquet.
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    Final Slam count - Medvedev, Zverev, Tsitsipas

    I don't think anyone was quite so silly about Nadal, but lots of people said things like "he'll never win off clay" and then "he'll always struggle on hard" and then "he'll be finished by the time he's in his late 20s". Ultimately, Nadal and Djokovic both show you how much a player can evolve...
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    Vote for the best Open Era Seasons (Men)

    I still think Djokovic going 10-1 against Fedal in 2011 is the most impressive thing a male player has ever done. 4-1 at the slams against Fedal, unbeaten against Rafa on clay, 2 matches lost by the end of the slam season (to Federer and Murray).
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    Is AZverev the best player in Open era without a Slam title?

    It's much more important to have a great backhand than good volleys in the modern game. Tsonga was only better than Zverev on grass, and that's only 1 slam. Zverev's 2nd serve was horrific and has now progressed to manageable, so it's less of a problem. He's become much more consistently...
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    Diary of a Racketaholic

    Disclaimer: I only played with it twice, so I'm not pretending I know the racquet inside out. I really liked it on serves, could generate spin very easily. I just thought the shape of the racquet was lovely. Slightly thicker beam with smaller headsize + 16×19 equals fantastic feeling as it...
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    The Big 3s, shot by shot

    Sliding on hardcourt and doing the splits on recovery or passing shots are not things that were being done until very recently in tennis history. Sliding is inherently superior for defensive shots because it allows you to have more lateral reach and faster deceleration, meaning you can recover...
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    Diary of a Racketaholic

    If you like player frames that are friendly to modern topspin, I like: Babolat Pure Strike Tour Prince Phantom 97p Volkl C10 Pro Dunlop CX Tour 16x19 Head 360+ Prestige Pro