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    Murray with Lendl hypothetical

    Maybe Lendl could have advised him to get dental work done, before it was too late. Alas.
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    Rank in order the players in the SF you want to win wimbledon

    Federer Pony Boy Birdman Brexiteer
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    Nick Krygois vs old man tommy

    This kid is sick. Why would anyone not like this?
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    Nick Krygois vs old man tommy

    Oooh sloppiness from the kid. Robredo showing his veteran chops.
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    Nick Krygois vs old man tommy

    I'm sad I've never seen this kid play before (luckily missing him beat my favorite player at Wimbledon), but happy to see him for the first time. This guy is just tooling Robredo - no chump at all. Go Kyrgios!
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    The Next new major winner will be Kyrgios

    I haven't posted on these boards in a long, long time but I came back on here just for the purpose of posting in a thread like this. This kid is amazing. I haven't been this impressed since about 10 years ago when young Nadal hit the scene. Future is bright for Kyrgios, his game is exciting...
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    Murray's ranking points: a question?

    I feel like I've covered at least one of those bases with a vague and, perhaps, begrudging congratulations in regards to the US Open win, but I may be mistaken. Then again, there's no fun in kicking a man when he's up, is there? [For the record, I'm glad Murray's feeling better now and back...
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    Murray's ranking points: a question?

    Nothing's going right for the ol' Ostrich of Dunblane, is it? No worries, chaps - IW-Miami double is ripe for the taking for the Muzz.
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    Rafa's contributions to tennis

    Not going to lie. Totally giggled like a schoolkid at "Anals of tennis history".
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    The Tipping Point?

    I skipped over those details for the sake of not adding to the madness and flaming overtaking these boards at the moment. I'm only trying to answer the OP's question about Nadal fan support. I only brought up Fed and Djoker to show how much their fans support them even when others accuse them...
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    The Tipping Point?

    The Federer reference was a call to compassion for Nadal, not to sh*t on Fed. I got my ******* (cowboy) hat on, too, no need to attack me, bud. And the fact that you got defensive about my comment should prove my point, too, about the perspective of a fan vs. hater.
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    Stanislas Wawrinka

    He never seemed to have world #3 major champion written all over him, but he always gave Murray trouble so he is something special, for sure.
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    5-6 in non french open Major finals

    Pretty impressive for a clay-court specialist.
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    The Tipping Point?

    My personal answer is no. If any Fed fans want to know how this unwavering support feels like, think of Federer v. Davydenko and a well-time washroom break. Djokovic's MTO at the 2011 USO is another fine example. These things happen, fans don't see these things the same way as non-fans and...
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    Thoughts on the Australian Open

    Let's further your hypothesis with; and he beats Nadal in a grand slam. Discontent will quickly turn to TT's new hero and what you call "annoying" and "suspicious" will be endearing to many. (Disclaimer: before anyone accuses me of this - I am not equating Stan with this at all. Instead, I'm...