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    Opponent loses temper, throws racquet onto your side.

    Stand still, stare back, wait and see what he wants to do next. From there, you do you. Fight or flight your call.
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    Where do strings settle or do they?

    same racket, same poly 1 @ 60lbs 1@ 50lbs Where do they settle? Or they don’t and both lose tension around same rate? Also, if 46 is magic, do I string at 50 for a match in the next few days?
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    Can't seem to win as an aggressive baseliner

    Yes, pound it and come in to take time away. Practice your overhead. Also your opponent is likely getting a bead on your directions. If you can pound, then pound left/right and mix in going behind them. Work to get that short ball and don’t let it go to waste. Come in after it and put it...
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    Wilson Ultra Tour + Tape = Ultra Awesome

    It really does come off pretty easy :) If I didn’t play so well with it modded, I’d be pissed! Get one used, take off the blue and go have fun! Resale? I’m keeping it forever, even after the next favorite comes along.
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    Wilson Ultra Tour + Tape = Ultra Awesome

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    Wilson Ultra Tour + Tape = Ultra Awesome

    Yup, I’m doing this! Thanks for the heads up. Prob go all black on next string change.
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    What is your favorite 18x20

    Get the ultra tour and have fun testing lead to get what you like.
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    What is your favorite 18x20

    Get the ultra tour and have fun testing lead to get what you like.
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    Need Players for My ALTA Team

    I don’t play Alta anymore but it would help if you posted the level.
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    Wilson Ultra Tour (Monfils)

    I'm going to add more lead in the handle too. I like what I have currently but am curious how more headlight will do to my game. Rec player here too, but I do play an occasional league and like to win :) Im still under 12oz so plenty room to customize.
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    Wilson Ultra Tour (Monfils)

    Curious to see your final setup. What are you hoping to end up with? I added some lead at 10/2 and near bottom grip. I like it so far.
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    In the zone??

    It’s the GLOW! Seriously, how many of y’all were honeymooning a new racket during this time?
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    When you lose

    Analyze and try not to make the same mistakes. Was it me? Or was it him having an amazing day? Next time try something new that gets you more points. What’s his weakness? His game plan?
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    Wilson Ultra Tour (Monfils)

    Played with mine for the first time tonight. It took a set to figure out that I needed to hit the snot out of it to get rewarded. Same as my PT280. Maybe it's the honeymoon and new poly but I was able to hit nasty FHs; deep penetrators and short crossers. Serves were fine, I needed to hit those...