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    Nike 2021 general thread

    The Vapor NXT's look CLEAN.
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    James Harden and the Brooklyn Nets

    I'll never forget LeBron's legendary 2018 run to the finals. The best playoff performance I've ever seen. He leaves that team the next year and they are instantly one of the worst teams. Insane. LeBron did sort of set a precedent for forming modern day super-teams with his Miami Heat trio...
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    James Harden and the Brooklyn Nets

    Nash wouldn't dream of benching one of the big 3. But I'll give them the benefit of the doubt for now. We haven't even seen all 3 play together yet. I think Kyrie's antics and Harden's potential locker room toxicity are almost more problematic than defensive questions for this team.
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    Gluten Intolerance May Be Completely Fake: Study

    I have a wheat allergy, and since wheat contains gluten, I'm technically gluten intolerant. That's real.
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    James Harden and the Brooklyn Nets

    For any hoops fans out there, here are some observations on the recent Harden to Brooklyn news: 1. Steve Nash has his hands full as a first time coach. As a Phoenix native and longtime fan, I'm rooting for him and D'Antoni as they attempt to weave three perennial all-stars into a seamless...
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    Best pro forehand to study

    I would say watch Federer because his technique and mechanics are sublime. But also, here are the universal key-points of the forehand that basically every ATP pro uses: 1. Reach across - use the left hand to bring the racquet over and turn the shoulders all at once 2. Loop to the tabletop -...
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    Tennis Pros on youtube, who do you find most helpful?

    Jeff Salzenstein knows his stuff. Rick Macci videos are also really insightful despite his sometimes distasteful coaching style. 90% of the rest are really not good. I won't name anyone or any channels, but they don't teach effectively or correctly.
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    Rec Fed videos

    His serve motion is a little strange since both arms almost come up at the same time. But seems like a good player overall.
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    groundstrokes - balance, sway or lean

    Yes this is leaning forward on a groundstroke.
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    groundstrokes - balance, sway or lean

    In the first shot Federer hits in this video, his weight is on the front foot and he doesn't rotate his backfoot around at all. It happens as a byproduct of a swing, yes, but why does that matter? This is an ideal closed stance forehand all around. This is the "lean forward" I am referring to...
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    groundstrokes - balance, sway or lean

    Okay, I'm an instructor and here is my solution/breakdown. When you reach for a doorknob or push a door open, do you lean back from it? Do you even think about swaying the body? (That's just not the right term, by the way). No, you lean forward naturally. Since we are hitting the ball in a...
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    What strength exercise has helped your tennis the most?

    All the comments on strength are spot on. In addition to standard leg/core work I have been incorporating exercises that target the core sling system. I like these exercises because they target a series of muscles--all very important for tennis players--all at once. That, and I like to keep my...
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    Project Your Top 8 for 2021: ATP (and if interested, WTA)

    I think he can break the top 10 again if he stays healthy.
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    Where the RF hats at?

    Alright, 50 is excessive man.
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    Improving the Backhand Slice

    Earlier this year a junior player I coach injured their non-dominant wrist after tripping and landing awkwardly. They were very eager to get back on the courts though, so I had them learn to use a backhand slice. In a bit of a humble-brag, my player caught on to the slice exceptionally fast...