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    Great trade with "neverstopplaying"

    Very nice person to deal with and his racquet was just as described.
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    FT: Head Liquidmetal Prestige Mid - 4 1/2 - CANADA

    Thanks for the offer but I think I'll pass on that one. Still open to other offers tho.
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    FS Liquidmetal Radical and Prestige

    Would you trade for a LM Prestige mid?
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    FT: Head Liquidmetal Prestige Mid - 4 1/2 - CANADA

    Racquet is probably 8-8.5/10 condition. I just strung with Wilson sensation 16 at 55 lbs and have only used it twice since. It looks like it has a leather grip under the overgrip. Im looking for same racquet (or other prestige) in midplus or a Dunlop aerogel 300 16x18. If you have anything...
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    So how will ESPN screw up Wimbledon coverage?

    Talk about a bad moment of television quality control......Today, ESPN played a video about Andy Murray and the frenzy that he has caused in England with his performance in Wimbledon. They had some nice music playing in the background throughout the video. The only problem is that the song...
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    FS: Head Prestige LM Racquets

    Are any of these left?
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    Great trade with Damon Andrew (da)

    I just completed a trade with Damon Andrew (da) and everything went extremely well. The communication was excellent and the racquet arrived fast, even though it was a cross border trade (Canada/USA). I would not hesitate to trade with this person again.
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    FT: Babolat Pure Drive Team, pics inside

    sorry, the racket isn't still available
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    FT: Babolat Pure Drive Team, pics inside

    anyone wanna buy for 100 shipped?
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    FT: Babolat Pure Drive Team, pics inside

    no one interested?
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    FS Ncode Nsixone 95 16x18 4 1/2

    I can trade a babolat pure drive. You can see it here:
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    FT: Babolat Pure Drive Team, pics inside

    For Trade: Babolat Pure Drive Team, grip size 4 1/2. This has recently been strung with Babolat Pro Hurricane and used only a few times since being strung. I also just put a new Wilson replacement grip and Wilson pro overgrip on this racquet. I am looking for a n6.1 95 16x18 or I may do a...
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    For Trade: Babolat Pure Drive Team 4 1/2

    Yes I still have the racquet and just put a new replacement grip and overgrip on it. I have changed my mind about the trade though. I just bought a prestige so am looking to try another racquet. I was thinking of trading for a n6.1 95 in 4 1/2 now.
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    Head_Rocketman is a great seller

    Communication was great, payment was easy, packaging was good and shipping was fast. I would definitely recommend anyone to buy from him.
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    Wanted: liquidmetal prestige 4 1/2

    preferably in very good condition. reply in this thread.