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    Zverev hails beaten Djokovic as 'greatest of all time'

    It's not a matter of time. He knows he's not as good as Djokovic. Pretty much no one is.
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    Djokovic has one more shot at Olympic Gold

    His mummified self will sure try.
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    Peak Zverev is better than Peak Djokovic in every aspect

    Peak Zverev? Is that his peak?
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    Is Djokovic finnished?

    Great question. You mean Finnish? No, not yet.
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    What Happened? Was Djoker Injured?

    I know it's hard to believe, but every now and then he loses a match.
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    "Strange" reaction of Chris Evert about Novak...

    Unfair comment tbh. Novak is having one of the most stellar seasons in history at 34. No one is unbeatable and wins everything. Give some credit to this legend for crying out loud.
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    Not the result I expected or wanted, but...

    He's OLD. What he's done this year already is incredible. Still waiting for a more tangible decline but hopefully this is it.
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    Novak’s problem.

    He's old af. That's a problem.
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    Djokovic In Chase For 2021 Super Slam - Official Watch Thread

    Yeah now let's hope he leaves Tokyo with nothing and finally starts to decline. Regular beatings from next gen are way overdue.
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    Higher peak: Nadal on grass or Djokovic on clay?

    There are the ones he vultured that you mentioned and the one he managed to steal after being outplayed and force fed by mummified Federer (2019).
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    Pat Cash: "Federer not even the second greatest in his own era"

    Hewitt was one hell of a player. Definitely not a "weak era midget". What are you on?
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    Higher peak: Nadal on grass or Djokovic on clay?

    Lol. I think that's the most ridiculous pass I've ever seen. Federer unleashing everything. Is OP's question really serious? So Djokovic employing that pusher crap mode against a geriatric Nadal that can't last more than a couple of intense sets counts as "peak"?
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    Federer was based for no playing the Olympics

    It is a religious experience. It is not about numbers or words.
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    Who is the better grass court player, Roddick or Djokovic?

    Djokovic obviously. Please.