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    33 Reasons...
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    Anderson thinks he can beat the Big 3 in Grand Slams

    He is a super nice guy and I like that attitude. However, his game is kind of 1dimensional. I mean world class for sure but he doesnt have a weapon to beat B3.
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    Who of big 3 is most gifted?

    I love Novak but his skills around net are laughable compared to his overall success and abilities. Nadal is the best out of 3 around net. Better than Fed. And he has better sense when to rush the net. Overall I would still say Novak. Weighted avg of all tennis components would be the...
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    Any tall players 6'3+ having issues transitioning to platform stance?

    I tried PS many times. It just felt weird. It took away that little rhythm that I developed. I gave up. I am 6.4
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    How has Djokovic become so clutch?

    It is a DNA thing. You cannot decode and teach clutch.
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    Medvedev, 23 year old in the top 10 (#9)

    He is a headcase and very talented. I like him.
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    What are your most and least interesting matchups in tennis ?

    I love to watch Nishikori, Tsitsipas, Stanimal, Tsonga, Verdasco, Rafa, Federer. Slow death: Andujar vs Granollers Simon vs doesntmatter
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    Talents are mentally more fragile, while hard workers are mentally tougher.

    I dont see correlation there. Your are either mentally tough or you are not. You dont teach that. Ime, it is DNA pre-defined.
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    Djokovic will finish with the most men's Grand Slam singles

    I do. And I am talking about long-lasting godmode not about abberation, 1off or fluke.
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    Djokovic will finish with the most men's Grand Slam singles

    I suggest watching "god mode" videos on yt. Nole's godmode is simply unmatched in tennis history. It is scary good.
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    is Zverev the worst no.3 in the world ever.

    Zverev needs to improve his mental strength. He plays really well, does have the whole package. However, grandslams simply turn him into choke-fiesta and he disappears.