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    ***Wilson Pro Staff 6.1 95 Club***

    Did anyone buy the new release of the k factor? Curious to know if it's the same as the last one (white-red) with a new pj...
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    ***Wilson Pro Staff 6.1 95 Club***

    K Six One 95 18x20 available again:
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    K factor 2019

    Seconded... Any more news on this? Thanks!
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    2019 blade with specs

    I'm not Geoff, but I tied off the bottom cross at b6, not 12. That's where the grommet hole is larger to accommodate a knot.
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    ATP Rogers Cup (Montreal)

    I thought I overheard Milos saying to the trainer "I know I have a bulging disk". If that's the case, he could be out for a while... :(
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    ATP Rogers Cup (Montreal)

    When Milos came over to shake his hand, Felix didn't even bother to get up from the bench...
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    2019 Wilson Blade

    Bought the 18x20 at the Rogers Cup in Toronto yesterday. Will string it up today.
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    Wilson Tungsten tape

    I use it on my sticks, but on the inside of the hoop. Not sure how well it would fit under the bumper.
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    Kyrgios on attempting to hit Nadal

    Kyrgios should try this shot on Roger sometime if it's okay with everyone here.
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    K factor 2019

    Can you please elaborate? Is Wilson making them again? Thanks!
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    Wilson Blade 98 2015 - Is This a Paint or Frame Crack?

    Looks to me like the frame itself is cracked.
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    Head Gravity

    Anyone seen the Tour model yet? Specs?
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    Tourna 300 CS crank stringing machine

    I've been using it for three years now without problems. Can't compare though, this is the only stringing machine I ever had.
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    2019 ATP 250 MercedesCup: General Discussion

    The updated draw sheet lists "back" as reason for w/o.
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    Wilson clash any other manufacturers follow suit = flexy frame comeback ?

    Thanks! I think that is in his younger days with Monty Python; "Job Interview" or something like that.