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    Is Volkl done with the C10 Pro?

    a reintroduction of the C10 Pro Tour will be good
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    PT113B1 ( 18x20) grommet set

    would be nice to CAP a PT113B1 :)
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    fognini specs?

    sorry to revive this old thread. does anyone know how much lead and the positions in the hoop on Fog's frame?
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    Pure drive woofer grommet vs pre-woofer grommet

    Believe the drill pattern is different, woofer will not fit pre-woofers
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    Federer Air Xoom Vapor X AM 95 Heren

    Wow super like
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    New Prestige Touch "Tour" --- 305g 18x19

    Look forward!!
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    I am interested in wilson ultra tour 97's POWER

    I agree with this based on my H19 vs Prestige (+ PT57a) experience
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    The Fischer Faction!

    Definitely! It's a vac pro 90 in 14x19 ones of the earlier iterations possibly for clay courts
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    prestige mid but large head size

    An oldie worth trying out and it's pretty cheap on the **** - Fischer Pro Classic 98 (the larger head version of Stich's 90 frame) personally the feel is also TOP notch and close to the old Head Prestiges Classics
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    Customizing Head Prestige Graphene Rev Pro

    In the graphene series, Head took away all the weight in the middle of the racket and made them polarised. In fact too much weight had been taken away hence the terrible feel Try adding weight back to the throat rather than in the hoop and handle to make it even way more polarised My 2 cents
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    Happy 30th Anniversary HEAD Prestige On Tour Since 1986

    no, i had to slavage from my broken PC/PP/Elite/Elektra. do you VSB? once posted on the WTB section for collars. i have crazy offers up to 60USD :(
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    Happy 30th Anniversary HEAD Prestige On Tour Since 1986

    me too, the collar is a must for me to complete the Prestige mid look. I even have them on my TGK237.2s haha
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    Happy 30th Anniversary HEAD Prestige On Tour Since 1986

    nice iPrestige PJ and with collar too!
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    Ti Radical grommets

    yes it will :)