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    Nadal News 2.0

    it's interesting you bring up this set. I watched the last set of the sinner match this morning since i had to stop watching after the 2nd set when it was live. Imo the sinner last set is an example of when rafa goes "all out" in terms of groundies, but actually the results are mixed...not...
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    Nadal News 2.0

    Drawing from the memory banks, this final reminded me of Sampras/Agassi Wimbledon 1999 in terms of storyline and result. Rafa started the match at the 2-0 5th set 2013 FO SF level in terms of offense.......amazing to watch.
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    Nadal News 2.0

    Last time I remember rafa saying he had to follow his heart was when he decided to enter indian wells directly after winning acapulco in 2013. That was epic decision-making. Vamos.
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    Chung Hyeon is the future of Asian Tennis

    This guy is good. Has improved his serve. Has improved his fh dramatically. He used to have a tomic/mannarino fh but now he takes solid cuts on every fh. That’s post nadal generations big problem, few have top tier fhs. Nearly all have bhs better than fhs on absolute levels. Or mid level fhs...
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    Murray melting again

    lol. 10 char. :)
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    Nadal News

    Some choices off the top my head, krajicek, T. johansson, gaudio, roddick(?), korda etc.
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    Rafael Nadal vs Novak Djokovic Wimbledon FINAL

    He is serving well but has his motion changed from 2007 and 2008? Especially the backbend. I get the impression he is much more upright these days and quicker in between the toss and making contact with the ball compared to then.
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    Is Nadal currently better on grass than clay??

    Nadal also answers the question in his post-match interview.
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    Nadal News

    Thanks for the interview. He nails all the questions as usual, he's a natural. :) "You know, Andy Murray today didn't win a Grand Slam, but he's much more better player than a lot of player who won a Grand Slam in the past. That's the true."
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    Rafael Nadal vs. Andy Murray Wimbledon Semifinals

    becker, maclagan, lloyd and mcenroe talk about the match: I like maclagan's comments about the missed fh.
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    Sampras an incredible athlete?

    I remember there being another one of these in the 2001 US open match vs agassi, although I don't remember him being that far off the baseline on this one. I also like one of his points in the 5 setter that he lost vs. becker in Stuttgart. He was doing full sprints back and forth on the...
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    Rafael Nadal vs. Andy Murray Wimbledon Semifinals

    we count on him making ue off being aggressive on his fh in our predictions when he plays nadal. He can't let us down. :-P
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    Rafael Nadal vs. Andy Murray Wimbledon Semifinals

    really difficult to tell level of play while watching on streams imo unless the stream quality is exceptional, and that rarely happens.
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    Rafael Nadal vs. Andy Murray Wimbledon Semifinals

    yeah, murray's went back to the normal ~55% by the end of the match too.