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    Nike Air Zoom Cage 4 Release Date ?

    Some People are unbelievable - I have read these forums for years and don't comment often but know who you can and can not trust by track record. You would be a muppet if you can't see Babolast's track record - keep it up mate and share what you can. It is appreciated from some
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    Tennis in Kings Cross, Sydney over April

    Which club in UK? I am usually about but currently in Singapore, let me talk to some guys and see if keen to hit
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    Sydney Badge Tennis

    Thanks for the info - did not about this one
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    Sydney Badge Tennis

    Thanks all for responses. Im living in Singapore today after living in London for 15 years where both interclub comps are strong but looking to move sydney soon as my wife wants to go home. I play 5.0 so would have thought I would have to play Badge to get a good mix of comp play as most clubs...
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    Sydney Badge Tennis

    Royal Sydney - great grass courts but punchy to join, you have to know something like 5 members and there is years on waiting list
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    Sydney Badge Tennis

    Thanks for the information - It is appreciated
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    Sydney Badge Tennis

    Hi I am looking looking at moving to Sydney at some stage but interested to know how you go about joining a team and entering the Badge Competition. I will be living in the Eastern Suburbs and am interested to understand which clubs are suggested or if not how you go about joining a league...
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    Tennis in Singapore, Feb 4th - Feb 8th, 2019

    Hi I’m a member of a club in Singapore. Where are you from? Are you prepared for the humidity? What is your level? Cheers
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    Andy Murray Shoes

    The Photos are real (from original press release) but the shoes you would receive will not be real IMHO
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    Hi I have just moved to Singapore and keen to play some tennis. I'm a 5.0 level - keen to have a knock. Anyone around? Cheers
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    Tennis clubs in London, UK

    Try this link to East Premier. You can navigate I'm sure from here.
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    Tennis clubs in London, UK

    Fair shout although I would say the tubes are pretty easy. You probably want to look at the clubs in the East Divisions if you want a commute less than 45/60 mins.
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    Tennis clubs in London, UK

    Hi and welcome to the UK. My advice would be to look at the LTA site above and from this highlight the clubs in Premier/Intermediate Divisions and approach them based on your ranking bearing in mind This is a doubles competition. My ranking is equivalent to 5/5.5 and I play West Premier and I...
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    Aegon British Tour Final

    Is it that big an issue - the Video's clearly show good tennis and that's what we all want to see.
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    Fabrice Ntchouissi v Piotr Czerepaniak aka Golaz

    In looking on the website Fabrice won 6-2, 6-0 which does not surprise me - it looks like you can over power Golaz comfortbaly if you have the shots