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    Hawaii Five-O

    1. Khigh Dhiegh (Wo Fat) isn't Asian although he was frequently cast as one (perhaps because of The Manchurian Candidate?). 2. Nice touch with Lappert's and some other landmarks. Perhaps they can include Ono's, Rainbow, or L&L. 3. Further nice touch with the opening sequence 2.0 based...
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    Best hot weather grip BESIDES Tourna?

    Hmmm... interesting responses but IMO could use clarification on one point: what's your definition of "hot weather"? I live in the tropics, barely above the equator. While we rarely get the 3-digit temps in the CONUS, the humidity combined with nearly year-round 80-90F leads to a sticky...
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    What will you do when your classic frame(s) bite the dust for good?

    I'm constantly on the prowl trying to beef up my inventory of Yonnie SpinMeisters. To date, I've been relatively successful. I also increased my search when YY discontinued the line around 3-4 years ago and have been lucky. Planning, planning, planning. Everything has obsolescence so plan...
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    RD-7 Graphite 'Composite'

    Having had several Spinmeisters (and still my current stick), I have seen both the "Graphite Composite" and "Graphite" on the shafts. I don't think there was any change in the 100% graphite composition; no noticeable change in playing characteristics either. Perhaps it was a marketing idea...
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    French Open tickets?

    To continue from the OP since I'm heading to the FO and am looking specifically for the grounds pass (annexe) on Wed 26 May. There are no tickets via the official FO site for that day, most likely due to Children's Day previously mentioned in one of the above posts. I've also searched...
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    Question for men only...

    Are we talking horizontal height?:twisted:
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    Purchasing French/Wimbledon tickets.

    ATX, I'm planning on being there the same day. How/where did you get the annexe tickets? I checked with some reputable brokers and it was USD 195!!!:shock:
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    Hottest tennis babe of all time

    I'll take a let on that bad call... Carling's shorts killed some of the ol' brain cells...:oops:
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    Real size of a tennis court.

    Here's an interesting aspect: The distance from the net to the baseline may be 39'. However, if the slant of the court (usually for drainage on hard courts) is oriented toward the net instead of the sideline, the absolute distance baseline-to-baseline is actually shorter by a few inches...
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    Hottest tennis babe of all time

    Ahhh.... Carling Bassett... The movie was Spring Break and also had Susan Anton (another hottie!) with Carling hustling guys on the courts. BTW, it was her mother's family that owned Carling brewery; her dad owned sports teams and some TV stations. Others I'd put in the list (based on seeing...
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    Guess the movie quote

    M*A*S*H... one of the greatest rebel movies... ever.
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    Guess the movie quote

    Kudos to SA! It was indeed the great character actor John Lithgow as Lord John Whorfin... "Now we are free. I will see you again, but not yet...not yet." Easy-- Maximus in Gladiator Another great line from that movie: "Unleash hell."
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    Guess the movie quote

    ALMOST! Right movie, wrong character...
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    Guess the movie quote

    Hint 1... line was spoken by an actor who played an ET on TV...
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    Sandra Bullock Separates from Jesse James

    Wow... was she Blindsided by the affair?