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    Blade 16x19 V7 with more free power and spin?

    Clash 98 is best blend of power, spin and comfort I've ever (35+ years) used. Comfy even with full poly.
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    Yonex EZONE 2020 AO

    Going to try this setup Saturday. Will post my impressions then
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    Nike Air Zoom Cage 4 Release Date ?

    Definitely go down ½ size. These shoes are SO comfortable both under foot (more cushioning than I anticipated) and around the foot (which is more important to me). Mine were exactly 15 oz (size 9.5) and Nike has done an amazing job of "hiding" the weight. Top notch shoes.
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    New Balance 996v4

    Think of 996v4 as a Lav lite or a gameday Lav. Probably would be good complimentary shoes. The v4 are literally as comfy as a lifestyle shoe, like an ultraboost.
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    New Balance 996v4

    Unbelievably plush shoe. No hot spots on top of my feet at all. Spot on length and width. Excellent midsole cushioning, soft but responsive (think boost hd). So light and comfortable, almost like a lifestyle shoe. We'll see how much the upper stretches as they get more use. Felt supportive even...
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    Official Wilson Clash thread

    Just got off the court with the 98. I own 2 of the 100 tours, and have to say that the 98 blew them away. It is definitely more controllable, especially depth. Less powerful with a slightly more dense 16x19 pattern. Very solid on volleys, good racket head speed on serves. I felt MUCH more...
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    I need some help with new SHOCK ABSORBENT shoes for hard courts

    NB Fresh Foam Lav. Plush cushioning from heel to toe
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    NB Freshfoam Lav ? Anyone have them? Thoughts?

    The Lav is sized more like other brands than the 996. I'm a 10D and the fit is perfect. Tight(ish) for 30 minutes, then so comfortable. It's the best shoe I've used for tennis in the last 25 years.
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    NB Freshfoam Lav ? Anyone have them? Thoughts?

    4.0 all-court, 54 yrs old (still a good mover, but the day after singles can hurt!), stuck between size 9.5 and 10. Spectacular shoe! Went with 9.5 and the fit is perfect--snug but extremely comfortable. Stability so far is top notch. But the defining characteristic of this shoe is the fresh...
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    New Balance

    Can you do a brief comparison of Fresh Foam Lav and 996 v3?
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    New shoes 2019

    Thanks! Lav looks/sounds really intriguing. Other colorways soon?
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    New shoes 2019

    Fresh foam lav vs sole court boost. Stability? Step-in comfort? Cushioning?
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    Would anyone be interested in a New Balance 996v3 review?

    Absolutely. Hopefully they fit better than v2.
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    Yonex EZONE (2018)

    Well said X. I demoed DR and Ezone 98 last weekend. Both strung @ 52 with PTP. Ezone is SO effortless on serve! I had been thinking age had stripped me of my kick serve, but it was back big time. I personally thought it was on groundies, too. TW has mine in the mail as we speak!