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    Ordering Grommets

    Would the Fischer M-Speed Mid grommets that are for sale on the TW website work for a previous generation M-sPeed pro no. 1? If so, do they come with a replacement bumperguard?
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    How long should my racquet last?

    Hey, long time away from the forum. Just a quick Q, I play with a fischer m-speed that gets almost all of my playing time, and I play every day during the 3 month high school varsity season and around twice a week during the off season. I have had my racquet for 1 year exactly, how long will it...
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    CLOVERFIELD-Did you enjoy it or not

    It was exactly what I was expecting. Am I the only one who loved it? I am really into film in general, and thought it was excellent and could potentially change the ways movies are made in the future. REally believable in respect to camera work, and very out of the box thinking, I thought it was...
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    Low Power High Spin/Touch Poly

    Looking for a low power spin/touch poly. Any reccomendations?
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    Racquet Weighting and Arm Injury Help

    Yah, I am beginning to think that lead just takes away from the great natural feel of fischer frames.
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    Racquet Weighting and Arm Injury Help

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    Reccomendatios for Customization

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    Reccomendatios for Customization

    Hey, I'm still playing with the stock Fischer M-Speed Pro. No. 1 98 SL (11.8 oz) and was wondering if anyone had any lead tape suggestions? I am not getting enough stability or plow-through on ground strokes and not enough spin. Anyone give any suggestions of options where to add lead?
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    Racquet Weighting and Arm Injury Help

    Hey guys, This is my first time posting on this forum in a long, long time. I am still playing with a fischer m-speed pro. 1 98 SL standard weighting for the last year or so. It is a great long-lasting quality racquet and I hope that everyone would try out fischer sticks more often. Anyways...
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    New Racquet

    My Advice: dont listen to anyone on this board but yourself. Nobody can reccomend you the right racquet no matter how much they know about your game. Demo racquets NOW!
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    how many hours do you play in a week?

    2 hrs, 6 days in summer, 3-4 days during school 3-4 hrs a day 7 days a week during varsity season
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    Which racquet do u prefer from these and why?

    For me, Microgel radical, I have always disliked prince frames, and did not enjoy the 003
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    Stringing my first

    I am about to string my M-Speed Pro. No. 1 98 on a silent partner swing dropweight. Any tips, common mistakes, things to look out for?
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    Early Images of Topspin 3

    What 10 male pro's would you want to play with? Mine are: -Federer -Nadal -Roddick -Gasquet -Safin -baghdatis -djokovic -Blake -Gonzo -Murray
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    White Overgrip Most Resistant to Dirt?

    Which white overgrip is the most resistant to dirt and changing colors?