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    FS: Head Youtek Speed Pro 3/8

    Racket is sold. Thanks.
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    FS: Head Youtek Speed Pro 3/8

    No trades please. Price dropped to $170 shipped within the lower 48.
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    FS: Head Youtek Speed Pro 3/8

    The new Novak model. This racket is in great condition. 9 of 10. Basically, I didn't want to wait for the demo to come into my local shop, so I bought and hit with it once for about half an hour. I can just tell it's not gonna top the AG100 for me, so it's gotta go. It does feel super nice...
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    FS/FT: I prestige mid, head grommets

    Interested in all 4 PT280 grommets. email me at jhvoss AT mac dotttttcommmm
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    tw leather grips

    Seriously? Gone? What's the problem? TW don't go developing and getting us used to quality products and then just pull the plug on it a year later. Weak.
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    *****THE OFFICIAL HEAD PRO TOUR 630/280 Club*************

    They are beautiful, many thanks for passing them on. I put new TW leathers on them and they are now just waiting for me to get around to taking them somewhere to get strung. The PT280/630 is like coming home. I'll admit to straying (AG100) from time to time, but I always seem to come back...
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    FS/FT: Head Microgel Prestige MP, 4 1/2, 9 of 10

    Just like the title says. The notables on this racket are: -Frame is in VERY good condition. Hit with maybe three times. CAPs don't even have a scuff on them I don't think. -I bought this from another TWer who switched the pallets on it to the current 4 1/2. I think he used an older...
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    WTB: Dunlop Thermal 10 Pack Bag (M-Fil or Aerogel)

    Hi, Just like the title says. Looking for a good deal on a Dunlop 10 pack (I think these came in red and blue M-Fil and the current Aerogel, black maybe) in good condition. Let me know what you got. Pics help too. Thanks! jhvoss AT mac dottttt com
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    *****THE OFFICIAL HEAD PRO TOUR 630/280 Club*************

    Thanks for that tasty little tidbit. Good to know.
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    ***Dunlop Aerogel 1hundred (AG100) club***

    No more 4 3/8 on the TW store. Just removed all together. *Sigh* Will I ever play with a racket I don't have to scrounge and fight for in For Sale/Trade or fleabay?
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    WTB: Dunlop Aerogel 100 4 3/8

    4 3/8 only. Let me know if you have one (or two) you're looking to unload. jhvoss AT mac dot com
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    I hate to rain on the aerogel 100 parade but...

    Right now I'm going between the PT280/630 and the AG100. I came off a PC600 prior. So I'd like to think I can tell when a racket has good "touch", and the AG100 does. It's def. muted compared to the classic head rackets, but it's no soul-less hunk of graphite. I can hit a dime with it, and my...
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    Rubber Band Dampener Club

    Office Depot vs. Office Max #64 Rubberbands...Initial Impressions. Over a year ago I bought a 110ct bag of #64s from Office Depot. Recently ran out, and with a .01 Mini Sharpie (limit three) coupon in hand I made my way to the local Office Max. Each store has their own branded bands. Here's my...
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    Why so many swimming world records?

    It's the pool, it's the suits, and it's just evolution. Records get broken, it happens in every sport. Phelps is even crushing his own world records, set when he had access to all this technology. I think it's just a covergence of the three things that are making tons of records drop this olympics.
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    Most Over-Rated Player's Racquet

    Nah, that's ok, I don't care that much. I know there are subtle differences, but Wilson didn't do anything with the K90 they couldn't have done in 1980. I wouldn't call the K90 an evolution of the PS85 (aside from headsize) so much as a variation. Aside from the paintjob, the K90 is the most...