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    **To all Coaches**, Research study for school

    Hey guys, I'm trying to get some statistics about the tennis coaching community for a research study i'm doing at my university. I need to know if: 1. Full-time or part-time coach 2. Club pro or private 3. Hours listed are for winter/summer/both 4. What country are you from Could you...
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    Tennis deprived at home, what to do?

    i cope by either playing ping pong or i play TONS of smash court tennis 3 on my psp (the most realistic non-arcade tennis game for the psp)
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    anyone know any website to learn how to serve? is good
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    to join hi-tech tennis or not???

    all the information is great, and i've been a member for over a year with no CC problems
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    Federers profile video

    ya its an awesome video im glad i was able to re upload it
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    Shoulder Pain?

    as u practise and learn the right form ur shoulder will hurt less and less
  7. B, Part one: Setup and First impressions.

    i've been a member of hi-tech for over a year now, re-subscribed for the annual fee. i'm also a member of (good site). I find that hi-tech is very simple and informative, very pleased with my money.
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    Playing with beginners? What to do?!

    when hitting with beginniners i notice i don't rotate as much and i just arm the ball to get it over the net to them my suggestions would be to not get casual when hitting step into the balls, rotate, and don't build any bad habits
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    Wilson N6 inquiry

    Hey guys, my girlfriend plays with teh wilson N6 which i hear now is discontinued unless i buy from the internet, but i'm wondering if there was any reason in particular why it was discontinued? I'd like to get her a backup racket for when she competes without having to have her get use to...
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    Playing after wisdom teeth extraction

    actaully just a few monthes ago i tried hitting when i got 2 wisdom teeth out. i was hitting terribly, the tylenol-3 really takes a toll on your coordination even though you dont realize it doing every day activities
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    amazing tennis advice!!!!!!!!

    he obviously said as a warm up
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    Don't you love that sound when you put all topspin?

    i don't even think nadals shot make a brushing sound when he contacts the ball
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    Video of me. Feedback is welcome.

    forehand looks good but you should have the racquet higher on your take back (about shoulder height) so your forehand is more of a loop rather than a back and forth motion
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    best WTA 2-handers?

    thanks guys how bout some suggestions on forehands on best forehands on the female side?
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    best WTA 2-handers?

    Hey guys, I want to suggest some 2-handed WTA players for my girl friend to observe but i'm a one hander myself and haven't paid much attention. Who do you think are the top 2-handers on the WTA side?