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    Kevin Anderson vs John Isner - Wimbledon SF 2018

    At this point all forms of tennis need to end for a year, table tennis/paddle tennis/platform it all needs to end, go on hiatus for a year and the powers that be need to have a sit and think about what has led to this moment in history.
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    2018 Wimby R32: The Fall of Zedrot (vs Fritz)

    Zverev is just Ruben Ramirez Hidalgo with two sleeves on his shirt.
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    AO 2018 WOMEN'S FINAL: (1) Simona Halep vs (2) C. Wozniacki

    That was a great match and Woz did great to defend in the end. The MTO rules need to be changed though..forfeit a game or something to take one. So much momentum breaking goes on, the players on the men’s tour who made this popular should be shamed publicly.
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    R4 : Federer vs Fucsovics

    Cliff Drysdale the absolute WOAT commentator, we’re really recycling the 1hbh vs 2hbh argument and talking about strings again? This guy has been reading off of the same question sheet for the last 40 years and I’ve had enough of this active sabotage of my tennis watching experience. FIRE CLIFF...
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    2017 USO R4 - [12] Pablo Carreño Busta (ESP) vs. [Q] Denis Shapovalov (CAN)

    Always good to see the more talented player win, congrats to soon to be top 10 PCB, excellent routine straight sets over the qualifier just like previous rounds.
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    2017 US Open - general discussion thread

    2 points in and McEnroe giving me a migraine..already mentioned height difference between Cilic/Diego no less that 71 times within 2 minutes. Guarantee he hasn't watched a single Schwartzman match in his life.
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    Sasha Zverev's Finger Wagging

    It's not that bad, brings a reason to be emotionally involved in the match for fans giving a reason to cheer for or against him. It's fun to see how different people handle their emotions during matches and honestly, he should be banned from the sport for at least a few months (preferably years)...
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    Little things that annoy me - tennis edition

    A few weeks ago (I think during Washington) one of his co-commentators dared to suggest that Karlovic MIGHT have the best serve in the game. Gimelstob audibly scoffed acting like the guy was an idiot and said "not even close, Isner easily" without explanation. Been satisfying seeing Ivo...
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    SHANGHAI 2015 PREDICTION LEAGUE (14th in series, Season 6)

    Tsonga in 3 Wawrinka in 2 Djokovic in 2 Murray in 3
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    SHANGHAI 2015 PREDICTION LEAGUE (14th in series, Season 6)

    1. [3] A Murray (GBR) vs. [13] J Isner (USA) Murray in 2 2. [16] JW Tsonga (FRA) vs. [Q] A Ramos-Vinolas (ESP) Tsonga in 2 -----H2H Semis-----Pick Games----- 3. [1] N Djokovic (SRB) vs. [15] F Lopez (ESP) Djokovic in 2 4. [6] K Nishikori (JPN) vs. [12] K Anderson (RSA) Nishikori in 2 5. [14] M...
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    SHANGHAI 2015 PREDICTION LEAGUE (14th in series, Season 6)

    1. [6] K Nishikori (JPN) vs. N Kyrgios (AUS) nishikori in 2 2. B Tomic (AUS) vs. [7] D Ferrer (ESP) Ferrer in 3 3. D Goffin (BEL) vs. [13] J Isner (USA) Goffin in 3 4. [3] A Murray (GBR) vs. S Johnson (USA) Murray in 2 5. J Sock (USA) vs. [5] T Berdych (CZE) Sock in 3 6. [10] G Simon (FRA) vs. L...
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    SHANGHAI 2015 PREDICTION LEAGUE (14th in series, Season 6)

    1. T Bellucci (BRA) vs. [9] M Raonic (CAN) raonic in 2 2. D Goffin (BEL) vs. [Q] G Soeda (JPN) goffin in 2 3. [Q] L Kubot (POL) vs. J Sock (USA) sock in 2 4. [Q] S Bolelli (ITA) vs. V Pospisil (CAN) bolelli in 3 5. [WC] T Haas (GER) vs. [12] K Anderson (RSA) Anderson in 2 6. [11] R Gasquet (FRA)...
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    SHANGHAI 2015 PREDICTION LEAGUE (14th in series, Season 6)

    1. L Mayer (ARG) vs. [WC] Y Bai (CHN) Mayer in 2 2. [14] M Cilic (CRO) vs. [WC] D Wu (CHN) Cilic in 2 3. M Klizan (SVK) vs. [WC] Z Zhang (CHN) Klizan in 3 4. D Thiem (AUT) vs. [Q] YH Lu (TPE) Lu in 3 5. [13] J Isner (USA) vs. A Mannarino (FRA) Isner in 2 6. [16] JW Tsonga (FRA) vs. T Robredo...