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    Anyone feel emotional watching Federer’s last match?

    The tributes wouldn't have been complete without @REKX and a Wimbledon 2008 mention
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    What was Federer's greatest example of his extraordinary resilience after difficult losses?

    Don't know how Federer ever recovered from losing to Donskoy /S
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    One of these things is not like the others

    Audacious of Fedr to be in the same photo as the other two legends
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    Federer's last great match

    Memorable win that, he was dialled in from the get-go. Unfortunately couldn't bring anything near that level vs Tsitsipas, whom he had beaten pretty comfortably the previous week in Basel. Though obviously not at the level he produced here, his AO20 and RG21 runs were fun to watch while they lasted.
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    What was Roger's best ever match

    2003 TMC final vs Agassi, Wimbledon SF vs Roddick are up there.
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    Your most favorite Federer moment?

    Returning to #1 for the last time in 2018 and becoming the oldest to do it was cool too. And of course this:
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    Federer officially retiring (serious)

    Yes, just referring to the fact that he had to go out due to injuries
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    Your most favorite Federer moment?

    Apart from the ones already mentioned, Wimbledon 2012 was a big one as a fan. Him getting to 100 titles was pretty cool too.
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    Federer officially retiring (serious)

    Wish he could've gone out on his own terms. Nevertheless, it's been a wonderful 20 year long journey. Rest up Rog-you deserve it.
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    2022 US Open SF: [17] Karen Khachanov vs [5] Casper Ruud

    Holding serve seems to have gone out of style lately