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    Hard Court Color ... do you have a preference?

    I'm not sure why really. Maybe because I grew playing on green with red surround. Just seemed off. I think our opponents were mixed up as well. I think they were use to calling a ball out if it landed in the red. Some really bad calls out there last weekend.
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    Hard Court Color ... do you have a preference?

    We played on some courts this past weekend that were red with green surround. I was not a fan. I prefer the blue court with green surround.
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    2021 USTA League Official Thread.

    We've been playing since June. Both our 18+ and 40+ are entering playoffs. Been kind of a pain to have both going concurrently. But at least we're out there playing.
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    Atlanta players, I need your opinion

    Wow, just saw what you said is correct. The City of Atlanta has taken over Bitsy.
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    Ratings in 2021

    Again, these ESL down here can screw things up that other Sections don't have to worry about.
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    Ratings in 2021

    I'm playing 40+ and 18+ right now, both are advancing leagues for 2021. So there isn't any more tanking going on that doesn't normally take place. The people that are saying it's already been decided in their Section that ratings will be frozen. Does that mean that all matches played this...
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    Ratings in 2021

    The problem is that other areas have played many matches that could count. We had the end of our 40+ Spring league plus we'll have 18+ Summer and 40+ Fall. There will also be a few matches that would count for our 18+ Winter season. I think it'll have to be an agreement across the country. I...
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: KSwiss Hypercourt Express 2

    Tennis experience/background: Playing tennis since I was 10 years old. Took a substantial break later in life. I'm now a high 4.0 player who mostly plays doubles. I play about 2-3 times a week if I'm lucky. Was coming back from an injury so I didn't get as much playtest time in as I would...
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    Has USTA ever asked somebody to appeal down?

    It's much more likely matches will count but as someone said they might skip publishing ratings this year. It's got to be a nation wide decision I'd think. I don't see how one Section could decide to bump people while another doesn't do anything. I just hope we hear something soon instead of...
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    Has USTA ever asked somebody to appeal down?

    Interesting. Would this be for everybody or would each Section decide what they want to do? We are about to start our 18+ and 40+ season in a few weeks. Would love to be able to tell everyone that while these matches will count towards qualifying for State, they will not count towards your...
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    Has USTA ever asked somebody to appeal down?

    How do you know ratings are frozen this year? Has there been a release from USTA that I missed?
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    Is your local USTA league having you sign a waiver ?

    We haven't been asked to sign anything down here in Southern/Georgia/Atlanta.
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    First official league match back

    We had our first 40+ match back yesterday. Definitely saw lots of rust our there from most. We had a line that won the first set 6-2, up 5-0 in second. They lost the second set 6-7 and then lost super tie breaker 8-10. I'd say nerves were part of it. The other team was a good team though. I...
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    New to Atlanta: Can we play tennis yet?

    For the most part, yes. Tennis is back in Atlanta but it really depends on the tennis center/club/neighborhood. Sharon Lester Tennis Center should be near you. Maybe ride up there and see what you can find out about any USTA or ALTA leagues. I believe they usually have lots of options. Here...
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    State cancelled for us...

    USTA Atlanta plans to resume the 2020 Spring 40+ on June 7th. We had two matches left and there will be 2 rounds in the playoffs. They have given everyone the choice to play or to pull out with no penalty. We have a large team and I know many would like to play while I know others will not...