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    biggest forehands and serves??

    Best Serve: Elena Dementiava How can anyone argue that?!
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    Henin = Garbage!

    Haha capriatifinactic is on crack. Its better to reach less grand slam finals? This is absurd. JHH is way above capriati and always will be. How are we even arguing this? Hey Roger has 9 GS but does that make him better than Thomas Johanson?? Johanson is 1 for 1 in grand slams! That...
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    Do people on here actually ENJOY tennis

    Agreed, I love the match and everything, then I come on here and it sucks everything i liked out of it. Too many immature fans. apprecaite the great game. appreciate what poeple like Roger can do that no one else could or can. Not bash players constantly.
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    What's wrong with the commentating...

    Thats why HD is awesome. You pump up the sound and hear Fed and Roddick smack the sh-t outta the ball. Sounds so clean, especially on Roger's forehand
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    How tough would Andy's win over Roger in final be?

    another worthless post by aznwashed
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    Tiger Woods, fan/force/fake?

    Agreed, people need to stop *****ing and looking for things to ***** about. Tiger is the man, Roger is the man. And they root for each other. What the hell is wrong with that.
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    Do people on here actually ENJOY tennis

    Why do people come on this board? Does anyone actually enjoy this sport? Yeah, there are alot of people on here that do, but i think alot of poeple come on here to bash players and fans. How can you say all these pros suck, are lame, and losers? This is BS. If all you do is hate the...
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    Tiger Woods, fan/force/fake?

    This is ridiculous. Tiger cant go watch Rog at the US open final? If he does, then its a conspiracy about Nike or its fake? Thats the dumbest thing ive ever heard. Like Tiger needs more publicity...Let the man do what he wants.
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    does Federer suck the life out of tennis?

    Whoever wrote that you should get stoned then watch Roger Federer is exactly right!!! Talk about entertainment. And what better than watching in HD. The best you can get besides being at the match. Haha. And for those saying Fed is boring and bad for the game??? are you kidding? you are...
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    What are Davydenko's chances

    Chances against the man himself? Any?
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    mauresmo v sharapova

    And remember, shes only 19
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    mauresmo v sharapova

    haha damn everyone seriously hates sharapova on here
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    mauresmo v sharapova

    Now THAT is an odd looking score. haha
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    mauresmo v sharapova

    What if sharapova beats Henin?
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    mauresmo v sharapova

    I'm almost glad I couldnt see em. I hope the mens semi will be better, well at least Roddicks. I dont see Davydenko pushing Fed.