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    My Review of a New Cross Stringing Tool

    Picked up a HD version for 18X20 pattern. Works like a charm. Less stressful weaving/pulling/straightening the poly cross before tensioning. I don't think using the tool saved me much time, but it did make stringing poly cross more enjoyable. BTW, I don't use this tool for syn or multi cross.
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    Great backup plan for my own racquet. What type of knot is it?
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    This is how it's done!

    For the love of the craft, I say bravo to the gentleman in the video.
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    Novak Djokovic had surgery (right hand) in Switzerland

    No wonder he missed the elbow on purpose and went for the hand instead
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    Buying on from US

    Hello, wondering if anyone can help. Pls contact me through profile. Thanks!!
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    IG Prestige MP Same as Youtek Prestige MP?

    Now that I want to get one. How do you distinguish the two? Look for the working IG/Inegra on specs plate?
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    IG Prestige MP Same as Youtek Prestige MP?

    Sorry for the newbie question, but are these the same racquet ? I know the lineage of Prestige from the days of old (Classic>I>LM>FXP), but don't really know what came after that. I googled both and they both look the same to me. Any way to distinguish the two?
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    Becker with Fischer Vacuum Pro 90?

    Has Boris ever played with the Vac Pro 90 in the past? Bought one recently where seller mentioned this racquet was played by BB during a tournament in Hong Kong. I highly doubt it, but thought I'd ask.
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    How many people still play with rackets that are over 20 years old?

    Since loosing my iPrestige MP, I've been swinging the Super RD-Tour 90. Solid and beefy.
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    Player Resemblances (pics)

    Facial feature wise, Petra Kvitova's eyes remind me of Jani Lane's Daniela Hantuchova reminds me of Pat Sajak, sorry...
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    Nothing beats the eighties

    13 minutes of pure rock awesomeness.
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    What was the last movie you watched?

    Schindler's List for the first time. How did I ever missed this great classic idk...
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    all time worst songs still getting radio time

    Madonna "Like a Prayer" and 4 Non blondes "What's Going On" literally make me shudder every time I hear any part of it
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    Lucky me! Nice find.....

    Saw the Green/Black ones at Ross also for $69.
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    i.Prestige MP x IG Prestige MP

    The i.Prestige MP XL has regular bumper, and the MP has CAPS. I have both and they play different from each other.