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    To all my Swedish fellow tennis fans...

    You must have been a strange kid (it's good to be unconventional) to take offence at your idol taking drugs! Most teenagers would revel in their favourite pop star 'rebelling' against the establishment for example. Of course we know how many of the hardcore debauched drug takers sadly ended up.
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    Shot clock on 2nd serve

    That's not Nadal's judgement to make, and besides, the rules are not for the player's comfort. Nadal is effectively getting 50 seconds between points because of this abuse. Long rally..... no problem. And I count the end of the point when the ball goes dead, not when the umpire sees the...
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    Shot clock on 2nd serve

    Nadal in recent times is abusing even more the fact that you can take how ever long you wish after a fault first serve. I wish we could rely on players' common decency to do this without a rule, but has got to the stage of absurdity now. He has added in the wiping the baseline and knocking...
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    Match Stats/Report - Noah vs Wilander, French Open final, 1983

    That's absolutely true, and Noah did play a very smart match. I do think Mats dropped the ball playing so passive the first 2 sets. Noah groundtokes were generally safe so Mats was basically banking on his passing shots beating Noah coming in on his own terms behind that very fine slice.
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    Boris Becker pleads not guilty to criminal charges in bankruptcy case

    Maybe this isn't the right thread, but I think Boris is somewhat overrated. He flourished on courts where there were few rallies. But although his rallying strokes look good, were versatile in terms of the type and amount of spin, if you actually sit down and watch a match where he has to rally...
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    Match Stats/Report - Borg vs Connors, Boca Raton final 1977

    Which perhaps shows how mindset can play a part in execution, since Borg was an adept volleyer at SW19. Here' Borg's plan was to be a brick wall, and if I remember correctly expose Jimmy's weakness on the FH side to no pace balls. One thing that strikes in these Connors Borg battles is how...
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    Match Stats/Report - Borg vs Connors, Boca Raton final 1977

    I assume the 40 UE's are from the 77 match? Connors didn't play badly in the 79 match (didn't play great either)
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    I couldn't help but be surprised to see the 2007 us open final

    Fed was playing strange for a period in 2007 including Wimbledon and Us open, relying on his serve a lot and his play not so explosive or dynamic. He looks by his standards flat footed in both W and US final.
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    Bjorn Borg’s Comeback

    Lendl gets maybe only 1 or 2 slams Wilander gets maybe only 1 or 2 slams (sorry Nico!) Jimmy retired early Awesome battles Noah Borg, Becker Borg, Edberg Borg especially Mcenroe persuaded not to marry and is fully concentrated on tennis!!
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    Match Stats/Report - Borg vs Connors, Boca Raton final 1977

    Yes this was not a good match. There are a few rallies which are stupendous but most of it is Jimmy spraying. The 79 final is peak Borg & it's great to behold.
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    The purge of Ina fr

    Any idea what happened to the many full length or partial Roland Garros matches they used to sell on this once great website? Risibly the only tennis there now appears to be 1 minute excerpts, useful to who I wonder? I have to think it's a copyright issue they've become wary of. When I asked (in...
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    The U.S. Open Men's Final Was A Dispatch From A Future We Must Resist At All Costs | Defector

    @Meles Can't refute the argument so posts some silly Gif's.
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    The U.S. Open Men's Final Was A Dispatch From A Future We Must Resist At All Costs | Defector

    This match is our terminator. The article is spot on. The lack of tennis instinct was embarrassing.
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    Tell me we are not watching crap tennis

    If Thiem wins, still waiting for next gen to win a slam. And still waiting for current gen to win a non-asterisked slam.
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    Thiem & Medvedev copying Nadal?

    Back when tennis was tennis, these guys would be easily picked off by S & V, and would be forced to stand in. Now with topspin being so easy to generate, even a competent S & V, of which there are very few, would find balls regularly at their feet. And then if they get underarmed no doubt they...