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    2019 FO R3 - [24] Grigor Dimitrov vs Stan Wawrinka

    Watched the last half of 2nd set of this. Great example of why Dimitrov is not a top player. He's playing well, but he gets overpowered and hasn't the guile to turn the rally patterns into his favour.
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    Why was Adriano Panetta so unsuccessful off clay?

    Victor Pecci was a similar type. A clay courter most comfortable at net.
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    Nishikori is the most frustrating player.

    Modern tennis sticks 2 fingers up to small guys.
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    The finest ever Wimbledon match

    yes that was brilliant. The 81 match is great tennis for all 4 sets. Mcenroe great clutch play in the tiebreaks.
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    The finest ever Wimbledon match

    The 'plenty of errors' is a myth. Look at this Even if they were being generous, it shows this is a supreme high quality match by any measure.
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    The finest ever Wimbledon match

    Have you changed your view on this Moose because in my opinion that's a very simplistic criterion? It could just mean the returning was bad or vice versa. Two counter examples would be Isner-Mahut & Edberg-Mecir. Borg probably had more UE's in the first set of the 80 final than he did in the...
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    What’s wrong with thiem in 2019

    His GF slumped terribly like Bouchard. Probably rubbing off on Thiem.
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    What was Agassi's baseline game strategy?

    A great strategy that Pat Rafter used to employ was to hit no pace balls to agassi , particularly slice off the BH. Obvioulsy you had to be an excellent mover to pull it off and it would work best on low bouncing grass, but Agassi struggled to hit winners because he had to generate his own pace...
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    What was Agassi's baseline game strategy?

    completely agree. If the opponent could keep getting back the ball to a decent length, Agassi was in trouble. Early Agassi would have moved in to cut off a high ball, & he could have improved his net play to become a better player.
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    What was Agassi's baseline game strategy?

    I think in a way it dimished his potential a bit. He stopped going to net, he lost rallies against the likes of Sampras too often becuase Pete would be the one to take the risk. Of course Andre's career had other issues.
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    What was Agassi's baseline game strategy?

    Latter day Agassi played much differently to early Agassi. Early Agassi went for winners a lot more. Later Agassi objective was to move the opponent around the court. His shots were safer than they perhaps looked. They are many matches where he is overpowered
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    Stats for 1980 USO final (McEnroe-Borg)

    Any theories as to why Borg stood so far back to return (and didn't adjust)? The layman in me would assume returning would be harder on grass, but the commentators noted Borg was having trouble with Mac kicking his serve high, which might not happen so much on grass. Its weird that he stood in...
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    Watching Old Matches Matches

    Thank you Nico! Can you please clarify these two statements 'I’m afraid we won’t have more than what’s already available, full matches or just extracts' & 'All I can say is to visit their website from time to time as they update their database with fresh stuff regularly.' Do you mean that if an...
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    Watching Old Matches Matches

    The only way you can get an old BBC tape is to have been a participant on the programme (so I guess e.g. a ball boy), and the pay £50 for the privilege of whatever they give you. They must be keeping them for when our alien overlords return.
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    Connors Mcenroe Wembley 81

    It's noticeable how much Mac played from the baseline in this one. Its weird for me to say but he's more than a match for Jimmy back there. Guess that shows Connors serve is a tad underrated, he must have got some cheap points to win his games