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    Stats for 1982 RG final (Wilander-Vilas)

    Yes I've watched this and was very impressed by Vilas' play. His returns were sharp and aggressive, his BH especially impressive in that regard. His FH was a weapon, and he was coming in off really deep approaches. Not far off what all court players nowadays feel comfortable coming in on. Too...
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    Murray vs Fognini verbal exchange

    Murray lashing out because he can't grind down his opponents anymore?
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    Poly strings save tennis from servebots - Myth or fact?

    How little you must think of the current players that without their precious poly they would be bettered by lumbering carthorses who aren't even great volleyers.
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    Poly strings save tennis from servebots - Myth or fact?

    How is this even a question? Look at the 80's where every style could flourish. Sampras got it spot on when he called them a cheat. The public are fooled into being wowed by shots that were much more difficult to pull off, and yet still were, in earlier decades.
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    Duel Match Stats/Report - Rafter vs Agassi, Wimbledon semi-finals, 2000 & 2001

    I guess that's the key - he wouldn't use it when a conventional volley was sufficient. He did the same in saving a match point in 80 W F.
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    1HBH topspin lob - who had a good one?

    Leconte perhaps? But then we could do anything to the highest standard when he was on.
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    Duel Match Stats/Report - Rafter vs Agassi, Wimbledon semi-finals, 2000 & 2001

    Totally agree, their match a year later doesn't hold a candle to this one in terms of quality, and to be fair that's largely down to Rafter. Agassi has every advantage: the type of serve he loves with a guy presenting a target, and on a slower than normal centre court. If agassi can kept &...
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    Match Stats/Report - Lendl vs Connors, Stratton Mountain semi-final, 1985

    I have seen what waspsting is talking about, though I think he is clearly wrong that Connors is not good at taking the ball early. It is predominately on a deep low (often slice) ball to connors forehand where he has to get uncharacteristic topspin on his shot, so he takes a fuller swing, which...
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    Match Stats/Report - McEnroe vs Lendl, Canadian Open final, 1985

    better than Ken 'thank you very much' Slye.
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    Kim Clijsters is coming back! Again!

    going the same way as the bartoli comeback. She's fat & too old.
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    Highest ranked players beat to win a Slam

    Best post of all time. Oh man.
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    Did Wilander do anything better than Borg?

    Don't understimate Borgs strokes, paticularly his volleys and approach, just becuase they didn't look pretty or technically sound. It belies their effectiveness. He had more effective volleys than Mats
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    The real Big 4

    haha Borg would probably say about 2 words, & very generic ones at that.
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    The real Big 4

    That was very enjoyable, Lendl sure likes to talk, and he does it pretty well. He should do commentary. Nice to see them ripping on generation mug, and Lendl talking about Mac post 85.
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    2019 USO 4th Round - [6] Alexander Zverev vs. [20] Diego Schwartzman

    Same Zverev dunce tactics, and same old GS story. 5 setters against journeyman then losing when faced with first good player. Pretty clear he isn't willing to make radical changes now. At least he's done better than tsitipas last 3 slams. What a joke this gen is.