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    US Open statement on Djokovic incident

    Why lose all the points?
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    Bedene hitting camera person. No DQ

    It’s not in the throat though, hit one in the throat could kill the person
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    The best WTA backhands

    Split single handed and double handed?
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    Who’s going to benefit the most from the no-crowd situation?

    Some players get distracted easily by the crowd, some don’t Who do you think would benefit the most from the bubble setup?
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    Zverev On Ferrer: ‘I Can’t Ask For More’

    Comparing to some coach constantly talking about golf, I think Ferrer is doing a good job
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    Evidence of Computer Simulation (tennis related)

    Nice topic OP! Gathering thoughts...
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    What Forehand grip do each of the top pros use?

    Not trying to be mean but doesn’t look like you’ve held a racquet before.
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    Of the 17 men who have won 4 more Grand Slams in the Open Era, 6 were born in mid-August

    Not sure if anyone read a book called "Outlier a story of success" but based on the analysis of the first chapter I don't think this is a ****post I do think the sample is a bit small and it's probably easier to see the pattern for top 100 or top 200 players in the history. If there's indeed a...
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    Coria at his best, Nadal at his most physical. Probably THE greatest clay match of the century.

    Can someone summarize why Coria was so good on Clay? I don’t remember seeing him on any top 10 list in terms of best forehand, backhand, serve or return
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    Pros as kids

    So forehand, backhand and volley in Serbia sounded pretty much the same as in English?
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    What do you guys think of Ben Rothenberg?

    players hate him but won't ignore him...
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    How Rafa Separates Himself From All Other Winners

    there're only two things in the whole world