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    Jelena Ostapenko: what happened?

    Likely too many emotions stops her from improving her mentality. She doesnt strike fear in her opponents. On the mens tour, a lot of guys lose to the big 4 even before coming out on court. Against Ostopenko everyone thinks he can win
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    Nadal has offered to help train Leo Borg in Mallorca.

    An NBA example: Paskal Siakam started playerd basketball at 16 and he is now a top 20/30 basketball player. Embiid started playing basketball around 14-15 and he is top 15 player. The beauty of life is that there is nothing certain. Just because in 90% of the cases how good you are at 17 it is...
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    ATP Tour approves six week suspension

    This is Life .. Rich and Famous people have more connections, it's simple as that. You don't pinpoint it to the ATP or the top players, its beyond them. The easiest thing in the world is to find something to complain about. It's a difficult situation, we are not robots to react perfectly in...
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    ATP Tour approves six week suspension

    ATP is an organization that involves millions of people one way or another. It's not an easy task to make a decision like that. An easy one is to be at home, nothing depending on you and throwing words like "farce" while complaining about things you don't know the slightest.
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    Raonic short recent interview

    Decent interview. Thank you for sharing
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    Fedpo 09 USO

    Del Potro was an amazing player. If not for his wrists problems, he will likely reach number 1 and win a lot of big titles.
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    The Dominic Thieminator Thread

    Del Potro won 4 500's in 2013 I think
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    2020 Mexican Open (Acapulco) - ATP 500

    It's a wild card. The tournament decides not the ATP, If that delivers them Alexander Zverev than it's more than a fair deal.
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    Whatever happened to Bernard Tomic?

    He didn't meet the expectations he putted on himself and now is in constant selfdestructing loop. No other reason for a top 20 player in 2015 not to be in top 100 while still in his 20's. The same happened with Gulbis, Dimitrov and likely Kyrgios will follow.
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    The ATP/ITF don't know how to sell tennis

    Marketing is not the problem, expectations are. Nobody dies watching Pistons - Hornets game in the NBA or Levante - Osasuna game in La Liga. You can't expect that first round matches to be blockbusters, its the nature of things. I beg to differ that people outside the Big 3 are not marketable...
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    what 's are the most difficult 3 feat ? AO - IW - MIAMI FEAT or canada - cincy - us open feat ?

    The first is way more easier: 1. The Slam is long past 2. Masters are two weeks with day rest between matches 3. Canada and Cincy are only week long each, without day rest
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    Thiem patience and trusting the process

    Thiem's 3 point shot gives him the edge :)
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    The most sudden decline ever?

    Ferrero was three straight years top 5. Chicken pox shouldn't be the reason that he suddenly fell down to top 20/30. His decline is quite sudden as well.
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    ‘Roger Federer is the greatest of his era,’ says Rod Laver

    If you are so certain and truly believe it, why the need to constantly repeat it and sell it as an idea to other people. If anything they would be able to see something so obvious?