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    How serious is the possibility Fed retires

    you really think this dude is still playing for money?
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    Why higher serve faults when trying to hit ball harder?

    a myth? and you are a coach? do you have any idea how the kinetic chain works? just to disprove you, stand on your knees and and try and get as much power on the ball.
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    TW-Nashville/TN Division

    been forever since I have been on here, i'm back in the nashville area, looking to get back into tennis...anyone still playing?
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    What happens to Tennis after Federer retires?

    Tennis will be fine, now the state of viewership will probably take a dive just like golf viewership has taken a dive without tiger playing. (or atleast playing good)
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    Just got home, is this summary correct (Monfils)

    Your source is rafa's autobiography on how he felt that federer felt? wow. Also, didn't federer have mono or something in 08? I'm sure if you could find Romney's diary you could learn all about how Obama felt during the election season. Totally a great source.
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    What would bother you more, doping or rigged draws?

    doping doesn't mean you have to work any less hard, just means you can push yourself harder. rigged draws on the other hand, not good.
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    Federer - Stats About Not Losing a Set Before Grand Slam Quarterfinals

    I would like to see the stats for the last 10 years of ANYONE who has made it to a qtr final of a major and how they faired.
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    Serve Tips? (Video attached)

    I don't use this very often anymore, I used to be a real regular back in my high school days, I learned a lot from some of these guys and girls! but for what its worth, ( I didn't really read anyone elses comments so I may just be beating a dead horse) it looks to me like you are relying on...
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    Serve Tips? (Video attached)

    Lance, next time I'm in town we need to hit! looks like you are getting back into it! Blake H.
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    360 smash Monfils Halle 2013

    they need players pretty much purposefully giving up points?
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    who wins - 4.5 vs. Federer

    TOP d1 college players are basically "pro's in waiting" so 6.5+++ which would 6-0 federer using ONLY his left hand.
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    who wins - 4.5 vs. Federer

    i can guarantee you federer can play better than that left handed lol....
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    Insight into why clinics don't work

    exactly, the philosophy you took is what people do in all facets of life, take guitar lessons and expect to learn guitar from a couple lessons a week but never practice outside it. or they go to every class and don't understand why they still fail the class but they never do the "assigned"...
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    Insight into why clinics don't work

    no, the reasons clinics don't work generally is because people who do clinics are people that is probably the only time of the week they play tennis (maybe 1-2 clinics a week?) people don't realize you don't really get better during the lesson, you get better in the hours and hours you put into...