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    Nadal has a talent that no other player has, a talent to make you play bad - Tsitsipas

    True, but I think some things are said in the heat of the moment. Most Nadal-Söderling matches were not like RG 2009, one of the few instances where Nadal played at a level that couldn't make Söderling play bad, although I don't know when Söderling said that about Federer. As a spectator I do...
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    Most impressive WIMB and USO back to back ever?

    Single year, definitely Djokovic 2011, so I voted for that. But Fed's collection of doing it four consecutive years is the most impressive. Even if you're one of the "weak era" proponents, not having a single slip up in these two tournaments four years in a row is in insane. And in 2007 the...
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    If Fed had....

    Wawrinka's backhand works for his game, and Federer's does for his too. They play and construct points differently, and Wawrinka's grip wouldn't help Federer's game. He doesn't need a different backhand, he just needs to be more confident with his own attacking backhand because it can be just as...
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    How good is Novak on grass?

    I think people still value surface differences too much. While players will still certainly be better at different surfaces and like playing on certain surfaces more than others, the differences in achievement potential are not as large as before, I feel. Not only because of the surfaces...
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    Impossible to get

    Love these points. Fed and Muzz had amazing shotmaking. Djoko showed just about every possible defensive shot you can imagine in one point absolutely perfectly, and Rafa basically combined the two elements with a mind-blowing finisher. Couldn't have picked these four points better, all of them...
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    The Player that brought YOU the most joy in your lifetime

    Roger Federer, but not even because of nice looking shots or all those trophies. I didn't even know anything about tennis until I randomly decided not to zap away when I saw it being broadcast. I believe I was 12 then. And the match happened to be Wimbledon 2003 against Roddick. For some...
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    Novak epitomizes this quote:-

    To be fair, it isn't that bad. People sometimes talk as if Djokovic only acts like a frenzied gorilla in matches or something, but he isn't quite that bad, often he's quite mild like Federer and Nadal are. And he has done plenty of awesome things on court in terms of sportsmanship, mainly giving...
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    What is record for fewest top 10 wins in a season of a Year End Top 3?

    He also played literally four tournaments outside of clay!
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    Federer's decline is just unexpected.

    Maybe but honestly, had he converted a matchpoint against Anderson he would have rolled into the Wimbledon SF's without dropping a set again. He could, and maybe would, have beaten Isner the same way in that semifinals and dominatingly reach the final of Wimbledon. Story would have been entirely...
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    Is it a done deal that Djokovic will...

    You are very welcome ;)
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    Is it a done deal that Djokovic will...

    Nah man, just ignore members like CYGS. Most Djokovic fans here are awesome, CYGS is not the norm fortunately. Nevertheless I think he's/she's fairly harmless, just likes to rile others up (and considering it often works too...). Anyway, to answer the question seriously, I think he'll do both...
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    Greatest 1/2 fin loser performance?

    Chung for sure, no? Pushing Old Peakerer to almost two sets, ombeleeable.
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    Video of Federer’s shot of the year + Kyrgios reaction

    So Fed fans calling it shot of year, Djokodal fans countering with complaints or examples of Nadal shots. Nothing new here! Glorified TTW fanbase war. Gotta love it, though.
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    23-22 and 27-25!

    "Let that sink in." I don't anyone who has visited this forum for two or more days could possibly not have it sunk in by now, seeing as how numbers here are thrown around like hand grenades. EDIT: Oh yeah this goes for the 23-15 bullet as well.
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    Winning against Nadal is good, against Anderson is not

    First of all, you know on which forum you are. Federer is the most popular player on here, and you'll have to accept it because that's not going to change anyway. Secondly, you only show up when Djokovic wins and you basically only post about the Federer fanbase and how terrible it is. So what...