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    Nadal- Amazing Points At Net

    Wait, did you just post a healthy dish???
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    Nadal/Pouille USO 2016 :)

    You are having a breakdown.
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    Novak refused to be tested onsite in Croatia

    No matter the topic, you are always here to be a Djoker fan pretending to like Nadal bashing Fed who is not part of this topic in any way.
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    what is andy murray 's best slam run ever ?

    Australian Open 2019, because there he was at his most experienced of all slams played so far. His title run in Antwerp later that year proved this.
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    Federer's subtle head twitch - a sign of arrogance?

    That is an interesting connection to make, to say the least. Maybe if you just really want to see arrogance in it, you can, but he most likely just nodded in approval of his return going in and winning him the point.
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    Rank the best Wimbeldon runner ups since 2003.

    1) Philippoussis 2003 2) Roddick 2004 3) Roddick 2005 4) Nadal 2006 5) Nadal 2007 6) Roddick 2009 7) Murray 2012 8) Cilic 2017 9-17) Not important.
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    Why did Nadal not play Roland Garros until 2005?

    I wonder if not showing up before 2005 helped Rafa in the end. He was already in such good clay form before his first slam appearance on the surface that he never needed to "break through" there. It set the tone for him already being nearly invincible at RG from the start, and I feel he really...
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    Best straight set matches in GS

    Has to be Fedovic AO 2020, no? Tennis is always evolving, and AO 2020 was when both Federer and Djokovic had the most years of practice of all the matches they have ever played!
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    Where do you draw the ATG line?

    I voted Edberg/Becker/Wilander. That amount of slam titles really separates them from those below them, because for me the problem with Courier/Murray is players like Wawrinka and Kuerten have won a similar amount of slams and are not close to being ATG's for me due to the first being too...
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    Federer vs Djokovic AO 2016 : No player past,present ,future would ever take down Djokovic in first 2 set. And how to contain a hurricane by R Federer

    That definitely was an amazing performance by Djokovic. Fed played a great third set, but Federer was actually in great form during AO 2016 anyway. That tournament probably gets overlooked because the end result is a fairly simple SF defeat to Djokovic, but aside from the Dimitrov match where he...
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    Your Favorite......?

    1. Miami 2017, simply because I couldn't believe he won the Sunshine Double at 35 after not having won Miami since 2006. He came through a lot of tough matches and played another solid HC match against Rafa in the final, which I actually thought he'd lose. 2. Australian Open 2017 or Wimbledon...
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    How great was Federer's performance in the RG 2008 final?

    True GOATish levels. The way he came back to get his one breakpoint in the second set was stunning. He was on a huge roll there. Had he converted, it would have been embarrassing for Rafa. Outplayed and outclayed by Fedr. But then Rafa used telekinesis to cheat Clayerer into failing and stole...
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    i think Novak djokovic is the goat of tennis !!!

    djovkich is nut goawt but rafe is roawdent and fdreree is so americ lovs uk to and cowz chese switzerland also mounton gras Djok hats merica he not soshoal he strangje sury iz keybord
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    There is no such thing as a 'weak era' myth

    But the nadal is a rodent, no? @vive le beau jeu !