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    somebody twitter trolling jimmy connors on his 109 titles

    You saw Edberg's level in the final and you think Connors would have been up for that? Edberg was in the zone and pounded Courier 2, 4, and 0. You think Connors at 39, after having to battle Courier in the semis, would have been able to turn around and make the final competitive with Edberg...
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    somebody twitter trolling jimmy connors on his 109 titles

    Well Edberg went 3 sets with Connors in their first match up in 1984 when he was a teenager and lost 7 to 6 in the 3rd set... so Edberg was giving him trouble right from the start. It is a shame Connors didn't get thru Courier in 1991 to play Stefan in the US Open final.... with Stefan's form...
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    somebody twitter trolling jimmy connors on his 109 titles

    Your scorecard at the beginning is sound. But, how did Connors have the edge in the match up when they ended up 6 and 6? Sounds fairly even to me. So once Edberg started winning Connors was ancient? Didn't he make the US Open semifinals in 1991? Edberg was 5 and 1 against Connors after 1987. So...
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    somebody twitter trolling jimmy connors on his 109 titles

    Don't tell me what I meant to say. They were 6 and 6 head to head, these are the facts. You can spin it anyway you like... Connors won 5 of those matches over a teenager, wow I am so impressed! His one very impressive win over Edberg was in the 1989 US Open. His only win over Edberg since 1987...
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    somebody twitter trolling jimmy connors on his 109 titles

    Edberg was Connors cheeseburger? Let's review this .... they were 6 and 6 in career meetings, fairly equal? No? And 5 of Connors wins were in or before 1985 when Edberg was just starting on tour. He came on tour in 1983. So Connors beat up on a young, just starting out on tour Edberg. After that...
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    Sampras Thread

    Having the best serve is far more than just aces. It is power, spin, location, etc.. can you hit great serves in tight moments. Do you hold more often, do you win.... that sort of thing.
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    Sampras Thread

    Yeah, except for when the media was talking about Sampras having the best serve it was back in the 90s before Karlovic started playing.... Sampras had a great serve, both first and second, ton of spin, and would hit bombs sometimes on 2nd serves. Arguably the best serve up until that point in...
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    Kohlschreiber is using the RF97 black and white

    To help sell the current line. Doesn't do Wilson any good to have him playing with a 6.1 model that they no longer sell. All business...
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    Stiff knees because of new tennis shoes? Or another reason?

    I also would think it would be very easy to roll your ankle in running shoes with the height and softness of the midsole? Plus, they mark up the courts so probably can't use them at a club, only public courts....
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    Best 95 sq/in Racquet??

    Head 280. Runner up, Dunlop 4D 200 tour
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    Looks like Rafa's criticism helped Kyrgios

    Ok, I will play. My favorite was and is Edberg. What do you have to say negative about him?
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    What was Agassi's baseline game strategy?

    Aggressive baseliner. Liked to dictate from the back of the court. Wasn't a great mover or vollier, so he would try and stand in the center of the court and run his opponent. Had a great return of serve, would stand close to the baseline and crack returns. Had short backswings and excellent...
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    Adidas Solecourt Boost Official Thread

    I would buy your normal size. I tried the shoe on and it was wide, too wide for me, but it wasn't long in my opinion. I know you said you had a wider foot, I think this should be a good shoe for you in your normal size. I liked the shoe other than the width.
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    Mats Wilander vs Stefan Edberg: Greatest Career?

    Right? That was a huge missed opportunity! Also the AO where he had to retire in the final where he was going to beat Lendl. Stefan should be sitting at 8 majors. But would've, could've, shoulda.... doesn't count.