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    Next player to win a slam not named Federer, Djokovic, Nadal

    Thiem FO 2020, FAA AO 2021
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    Federer would have won Wimbledon if he were using his K90. The RF97 extended his career but muted his aggression....

    I agree, I feel the racquet change was slightly too extreme. He seems to spray his forehand with the RF 97, like it has a little too much inherent power. He knows better than I do, he chose it... I would have thought a 95 with a thinner beam and softer flex would have been better for him.
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    Adidas Torsion Edberg Comp

    I bought a pair of those. Purple ones with a little green. Not as comfortable as the original ones were, think they are using different materials?
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    Adidas Torsion Edberg Comp

    I will be buying those... only for casual use.
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    ITF: We are not able to disclose the results!

    I know, I don't blame you. I sent a complaint to Wimbledon on their site... they dismissed it and said no changes have been made to the courts or balls... ok, I guess I am blind and all the commentators and almost all players are wrong too!
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    ITF: We are not able to disclose the results!

    That is very debatable.... didn't we just see that at the last major? Do we need to see it again? Serve and volley, chip and charge, heck even all court play is also a style.
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    AELTC Head of Courts and Horticulture: "Conditions are the same as last year's and years prior"

    Exactly. They know, they have been slowing down the conditions since maybe 2001? It isn't an accident. It was a specific plan to create slower play and more rallies. Not sure who they think they are kidding with this narrative. Almost every player, and commentator is saying the same thing. Fans...
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    What Would It Say For Federer If He Loses?

    What should Roger have done? Retire at 32 or 33 to protect his legacy? Nadal and Djokovic SHOULD beat him at this point! If they don't what does that say? The guy is basically 38 years old in a sport normally for the young, 20 to 30 years old. He is turning in results far past any realistic...
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    The Lendl forehand – would it still hold up today?

    Yes, definitely. He had great technique and hit it hard! This was also with several different tiny racquets. He would have a great forehand today. No doubt in my mind.
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    Ubersonic 2?

    I agree, you have to have both fits. I have a narrow foot and had always worn adidas tennis shoes until the U3 and the SCB forced me to look elsewhere as they were too loose and sloppy for me. I would love to see a narrower version of the SCB as I liked the 2017 barricade boost shoes, loved the...
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    Do you want the Big 3 Era to end?

    Yes, it is time. It is boring and predictable at this point. But, I want to see some of the young guys step up and EARN it. I don't want it just given to them by default... it is amazing how useless and weak most of the players under 28 have been. It is really unprecedented.
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: adidas SoleMatch Bounce Shoe

    Do they fit wide and roomy like the SoleCourt boost? I hope not...
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    Most gracious in defeat

    Former players: Edberg by far... Current: Anderson, Sam Q?
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    Wimbledon courts haven’t changed recently and slower grass is more fun to watch

    The balls are probably slightly heavier and softer so they won't move through the court. Play is definitely much slower to the eye, you can see certain shots that should be winners don't have that sting to them. This Tsonga vs Nadal match looks like it is being played on a slower hard court!
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    Wimbledon Court speed : Players speak

    I agree. Really sad. Where is the serve and volley, chip and charge, etc..? I miss the Variety. Same tennis all year long, surface to surface. Playing basically baseline games from 10 feet behind the baseline is boring! I love a serve and vollier against a baseliner on grass. Different strengths...