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    Zverev settles his account with Lendl

    Zzz is completely correct, the problem is always with the teacher - not the student.
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    Did anyone else never really feel like Roger could win the match?

    I'm a bit puzzled that people are saying that this match has "damaged his legacy." In numerical terms only, if you strip out context and the nature of the performances achieved then sure 21>20. However, for a 38yo guy, with so much scar tissue accrued at the hands of this opponent, to be able to...
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    Nadal 10 Federer 3

    Looking at this video of Nadal it just struck me - he may have a mild form of Tourette Syndrome. His tics remind me of my favourite Czech Marxist-Lacanian Philosopher Slavoj Žižek who also suffers from Tourettes. Obviously Nadal is much more wise, profound and funny so that's the only similarity.
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    If You Can't See How Immensely Talented Kyrgios Is, You Know Nothing About Tennis........

    Whoa, just because Kyrgios says he doesn't train or try doesn't mean that is a fact. He wants everyone to think he's a prodigy for sure. And he furiously performs not caring or trying in his matches at times these days but I'm pretty sure he busted his ass for years to get where he is.
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    If You Can't See How Immensely Talented Kyrgios Is, You Know Nothing About Tennis........

    My god. I think I can see it now. But, then again seeing as the term "talented" (as we've seen proved on these boards on virtually a daily basis) is utterly subjective then you'll only believe it when you see and if you don't - you won't. "De gustibus non est disputandum."
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    Is Kyrgios really super talented as some suggest ?

    This fact is the reason that Kyrgios will linger on in the tennis scene like a fart in an elevator (although I get the feeling his playing career may be quite short). He'll end up on some Australian Fox Sports show or a commercial TV monstrosity - The Bachelor, I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here...
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    Is Kyrgios really super talented as some suggest ?

    Yep, I can see him post-career boring the butt off everyone at the pub...
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    Is Kyrgios really super talented as some suggest ?

    Nick Kyrgios: “I’m a great tennis player but I don’t do the other stuff. I’m not the most professional guy. I won’t train day in, day out. I won’t show up every day. So there’s a lot of things I need to improve on to get to that level that Rafa, Novak, Roger... Just depends how bad I want it.”...
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    Is Kyrgios really super talented as some suggest ?

    Brown is super talented. Monfils is super talented. Dimitrov is super talented. Nalbandian is super talented. Rios is super talented. Henman is super talented. Philipousis is super talented. Davydenko is super talented. Tsonga is super talented. Kyrgios is way behind most of these guys. Talent...
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    Do you find the underhand serve disrespectful?

    I wouldn't say disrespectful. I would say - dishonourable.
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    Kyrgios on attempting to hit Nadal

    This is all completely fine by Nick. He is such a stoic, no-nonsense, imperturbable and honourable player himself that in no way does it come across as hypocrisy to have him lay down the law about other players having to toughen up and take the game as it comes.
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    Can't wait for Rafa vs Nick

    I like the WWF link in the OP. David Law nailed it in his last podcast saying that Kyrgios' shtick has become calcified into a complete routine now. He's gone from a volatile guy who played some good tennis to a wrestling heel whose main thing is to get into blustery arguments with the crowd and...
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    What is the most annoying tennis ritual?

    All of the options are undoubtedly annoying; however, only one of them is outright cheating. Most of these are simply aesthetic or matters of custom. On the other hand, time-wasting for the grinding player who wants to pull his opponent into a 50 shot rally as many times as possible is his...
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    Ultimate Salt Lord: Brine Quest (The Nick Kyrgios Challenge)

    Now, I'm not saying Kyrgios is the saltiest player but if he was a biblical character - he'd be Lot's wife. Boom!