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    New Match (with dwoo): becoming an attacking player

    Good stuff. Looks like your serve has more pop. Clean hitting and more power than before but you still have good control. Nice job marina, you're moving great, hope the health issues are in the past.
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    Interesting hitting behavior

    Thanks for the feedback guys. We play with 6 balls. He's been doing it when I have plenty of balls, and also before my second serve. His feeds are also inaccurate so I have to walk around or else the ball bounces back into an area that I could step on it -- there's no doubt what he's doing. I...
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    Interesting hitting behavior

    A guy I hit with has recently developed an interesting habit. In between points and between my first and second serve, he will pick up balls that are not in the way and feed them accidentally-on-purpose badly to me so I have to walk around and clear them away. It's been a little while and...
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    Who will be the next new multiple slam winner?

    Andrey Rublev is worth keeping an eye on. Played Anderson extremely tough at the us open while still being so young. Can attack off both wings, very good second serve, good size, big potential.
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    structured/shaped polys playtest

    How did I not see this thread before? fgs, I just recently read your posts here and I want to thank you for sharing your information and experiences. This is a gold mine for string test feedback. I will be buying some technifibre ruff code soon and trying it out :) Good stuff! By the way...
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    Weiss Cannon B5E - What Next?

    Maybe B5E with a hybrid setup? B5E with scorpion crosses, or syngut/multi crosses. How about B5E with Origin in the cross -- I'd be interested to hear from anyone who has tried Origin as a cross, it is supposedly very good for that (but pricey).
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    Pure Strike 18x20

    I should specify that I have been hitting with the 16x19 and not the 18x20
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    Pure Strike 18x20

    I have read that some people feel this way about the Strikes. However I disagree, I feel like the Strike has good maneuverability and allows me to really whip through contact when I want to. So I guess it's something you have to try out for yourself. I also found it to be fairly comfortable...
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    Played one of the most mentally tough match of my life...against a lady twice my age

    Drop shot lob combo. Over and over. In a league match you should feel no guilt. In a casual practice or social hitting session it is not appropriate however. Basically the older players are depending on your ego not allowing you to use this pattern.
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    Blade 98 2013 and 2015 maneuverability

    The balance and sluggish feel was the dealbreaker for me with the blades, new and old.
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    TWU is now mobile / tablet friendly!

    Hi TW, I was browsing through the power zone data and in the new format many of the old rackets are missing. The older dunlops, some of the babolats (like the current strikes) and various other racket data that used to be available are now gone. The TWU data on all rackets is a wonderful...
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    No Court for Old Men

    Some ok hitting. Very lazy with the 2 bounces :) The guy in the expos shirt has weak footwork/movement. And the guy with black hair (you?) is being fed friendly rally balls but is not really returning the favor consistently. Confess! :-P
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    Pure Strike 98 16x19

    There have been some reports of over spec strikes. Michelle from TW mentioned it, a few other people on this board, and also there is some mention of it in the customer reviews. Luckily I have not run into this but it might be worth it to use TW's racket matching service if you are buying this...
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    Pure Strike 98 16x19 Take a peek at the TWU data on the Blade vs Strike 98 16 x19. A fairly big difference in balance and swingweight. Some players might prefer the feel of the Blade but for me it was a problem.
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    HELP :) Yonex ezone ai100 used

    Unfortunately, this is a potential problem with all used rackets. Ask the seller what customizations he did to the racket.