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    Mythical :)

    Me too. Unfortunately he played more than three hours vs Shapo, recovering will be hard.
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    Swartz Girlfriend gives us hope

    In England there are even better women.
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    Musetti is the real deal !

    Yesterday Musetti looked tired. He played 11 matches in 20 days, maybe he is not used to that. Koepfer played cleverly, he realized that rallies gave troubles to Musetti and used that to win. He was also very consistent on break points.
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    Well, Carrara is in Tuscany, which is considered central Italy.
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    Musetti is one of a group of talented young Italian players. Sinner, Musetti, Nardi, Zeppieri, Darderi. Someone thinks such abundance comes from a change in the federal politics. No longer a federal center where young players could grow Up. Just support on site with local trainers.
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    I have both, I am doubtful about their similarity. if I had to choose a TC resembling to the K7red, I would say the TC97 16 x 19, as I wrote above.
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    soft buttery 18x20 racquet

    The TC97 is 66RA.
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    Well, something unexpected occurred last week. I played a tournament match using my K7red, with an awful lot of double faults. I don not know why. Then I played with a friend using my TC97, producing several aces and no double faults. Unbelievable and unexplicable. I am going on with the TC97...
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    WTB: Angell TC97 and/or K7 Lime

    Hi, I have both in L3. My TC97 is V3, but is 320g. More info privately.
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    Believe me, I haven't drunk a single drop of whisky in the last six months. It was not a decision, it came naturally. No wine, no grappa, just beer. Bitter. I accept suggestions. Yesterday I decided to play my TC100. During the warm-up I found it a little too powerful, but comfortable. Then I...
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    How true. I love the TC95, but I am rarely able to play well with it. I am 65, end even I am quite in a good shape my legs are no longer up to the task. I am still able to run and sometimes even reach drop shots and get the point, but small movements are more and more difficult. 10 meter runs...
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    Device to check strings tension

    I received and used the Tourna RSTM on some of my racquets. I have some doubt about my results. As Arak wrote, I trust my arm more than anything else, so I had my racquet restrung even if the tool said it was not necessary. I think I need some more practice on that.
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    Low powered, spin friendly platform frame requested

    A customized Angell K7Red. Comfortable, spinny, low powered.
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    Device to check strings tension

    I have just ordered a Tourna RSTM, tomorrow it should be here.