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    Federer losing the Wimbledon 2019 Final is unacceptable

    I don’t like accepting it either...
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    Prestige Mid to become the racquet of the 2020s.

    Welcome to TT [emoji49]
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    Tennis in Boston

    I hear the MIT courts are reasonably priced for the area and not hard to get time on. (Haven’t tried them yet but work nearby in Kendall)
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    Tour Bite 16 (1.30) vs 16L (1.25) Stiffness and Comfort

    I’ve compared 16 to 16L in poly hybrids and the 16L feels stiffer and deader to me (I consider those positives). Not claiming it’s scientific data YMMV.
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    ##/## mains and crosses convention

    Should always be main/cross.
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    Dont ever compare Wawrinka to Murray... EVER

    Who would the big three rather see across the net in a GS final? Murray 3/11 in GS finals Wawrinka 3/4 in GS finals BTW Murray is the better player but Wawrinka is far more dangerous.
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    Doubles communication question

    Usually best to align on who is going to take and call these before the match. That way you both know what to expect and what to do if you both call it. My $0.02, if I can hit an aggressive shot I'll call mine and take it (even if that overrules my partner, I'm tall with a good overhead). If no...
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    IG Prestige S review : The misunderstood ******* child of the family

    I've been playing this with ypts/tb 51/48. Works great for me. Go back and forth between the S and tech 315 Ltd.
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    Look Tennis Rules Rule

    My $0.02 - If you want to know the effect of 1 serve only on good servers play a set against someone with a good serve with the one serve rule. (I'm not talking about someone with a heater that goes in 1/10th the time and a dink second, someone who can serve) Just be careful, after trying it...
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    Hitting basic volleys into the net in doubles

    Simple trick to try - Pick a spot on the opponents court where you want the ball to land and hit it there.
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    Two Handed Forehand-the Future of Tennis !!!

    There is a reason why people selling newsletters who claim to have a successful system of investing, have to sell newsletters... If it's so great, don't tell anyone, go pro and when all four majors in your first year while everyone else tries to adapt and catch up. Best of luck and absolutely do...
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    Why Federer keeps playing?

    Asking why the favorite to win Wimbledon hasn't retired?!?!?
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    First Serve or Second -- You Decide

    I would always give a first serve in such a situation. I think it's up to your opponent to award a first serve. IMO they should have.
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    Jolly vs. Pickle Wood vs. Graphite video challenge.

    Most anticipated match since the start of clay season!