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    Brown's strokes look rec. level

    Guys like Berdych and Del Potro hit a flatter ball than is common on the ATP these days, but I would not characterise them as having flat strokes in the same way that Dustin Brown does.
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    Longevity: Why the big 3 can while past champs couldn't ?

    Well, no. That is an incredibly simplistic analysis that ignores a gamut of other variables. I didn’t claim it was. I listed a number of factors, of which you addressed one. Partially. And incorrectly.
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    Longevity: Why the big 3 can while past champs couldn't ?

    Your take on the situation simply does not jive with reality. Tournaments like Bercy and Madrid have openly come out and admitted that the top three players have essentially held them hostage on things like court surface and speed. Federer fans love to moan about how there aren’t enough fast...
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    Longevity: Why the big 3 can while past champs couldn't ?

    Yes. Personally I think Federer, Nadal and Djokovic came onto the scene at a time when they were playing a game suited for the changing conditions and their seniors weren't, allowing them to take advantage of a transitional period and dominate from an earlier age. They then influenced further...
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    Longevity: Why the big 3 can while past champs couldn't ?

    It really just comes down to the game having changed. Athletically tennis is far more of an endurance sport than it used to be, and male endurance athletes tend to peak in their early- to mid-30s. Longer points also favour consistency over speed and raw power - again, advantage to the older/more...
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    Brown's strokes look rec. level

    It's sad that people have become so conditioned to huge topspin on the pro tour that when a guy comes along hitting flat strokes they think it looks "rec level". It would be nice to bring back a variety of surfaces, where all types of game can prosper.
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    Stefanos Tsitsipas

    Drugs ban. Got 2 years for nose candy.
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    Help with Sunscreen, It is Summer in Canada

    Wait five minutes and it will be winter.
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    Stefanos Tsitsipas

    I would not quite say that. But what you accomplished at junior level is less important than how you accomplished it. Or to put it another way - there are lot of successful juniors who don't cut it as top pros, but there are very few top pros who weren't successful juniors.
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    Poll: Who is currently the favourite to win WB?

    This doesn't require a poll. All bookies have: Djokovic -daylight- Federer -daylight- Nadal -daylight- -more daylight- -yet more daylight- Zverev/Tsisipas Everyone else I can see Nadz and Federer getting boned early, so if someone can do the needful with Djokovic we may actually have a pretty...
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    Continued decline of USTA tournament play in my area

    I can't speak for the US, but in Australia tournament play is just generally in decline. Me, I play my local club's Men's Premier competition on Tuesdays and then might reserve one or two other nights a week for mixed doubles. It's nice - I go to the same place every week, I have flexibility on...
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    Tips for captains

    I want to know if the Dragons made it to States.
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    Opponents who doesn't get the purpose of the warm-up.

    Whilst you have to take what people do before the racquet toss with a grain of salt, I don't think I've ever had a match with a stranger where I haven't gleaned at least one or two useful things from the warm-up. If someone doesn't appear to bend their knees well to low balls, or shanks a bunch...
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    make an opponent at the net volley in an upwards direction

    "Force your opponent to play an upwards volley" really means "play a shot that drops below the netcord quickly". My coach once ran a drill where he set up a second net a metre or so into the opposing service box. We were required to drop as many balls as possible between the two nets (using...