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    Safin finally admitted the toughest opponent was Santoro

    Yeah, Santoro owned Safin 6-2 and one of the Ls was a retirement where he had Safin on the ropes. Hrbarty led Kafelnikov 9-3.
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    Marion Bartoli: Disgrace

    The ATP doesn’t make decisions that guys like Federer and Nadal disagree with.
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    Is outdoor tennis for peasants?

    I’d never played on an indoor court until I travelled overseas as an adult. The weather in my country is too good. You’d struggle to convince people to play indoors here, half the attraction of tennis is getting out in the fresh air.
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    Smart/safe play to avoid injury

    Hardly my job to educate you, but I would start with the work of Steve Haake.
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    Smart/safe play to avoid injury

    The properties of poly and copoly strings have been proven and well understood for over fifteen years. If you think they’re a myth I can only suggest you go away and educate yourself.
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    Smart/safe play to avoid injury

    If by ‘myth’ you mean ‘peer reviewed science’, sure.
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    Smart/safe play to avoid injury

    That very few recreational players generate the racquet head speed and accurate contact required to effectively tap into the 'slide and snapback' property of polys. If you aren't getting slide and snapback then a tightly-strung multi will probably be a much better string.
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    Smart/safe play to avoid injury

    If you play tennis when you're unfit, the risk of injury probably outweighs the exercise benefit. The way I view it, running/cycling/yoga/lifting weights is for the sake of tennis. Stuff like touch rugby can also be a good option to help you get fit whilst also playing a game. Just don’t overdo...
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    Marion Bartoli: Disgrace

    I’m not sure I completely agree with her - the prizemoney for top players should be first on the chopping block - but she has a point in the sense that doubles is basically an irrelevancy these days. The current format involves too much luck and for the last fifteen years or more it has been...
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    Has Federer ever lost a match in which...

    When does middle school go back?
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    RIP Ashley Cooper

    Yep, his biggest legacy is as an administrator.
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    Happy 50th Birthday, Gabriela Sabatini!

    She was generally rumoured to be gay/bi and in the closet. She's always been pretty secretive about her personal life ever since an ex-boyfriend sold a whole lot of intimate details about their relationship to a tabloid in the '80s.
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    Happy 50th Birthday, Gabriela Sabatini!

    Did she ever come out?
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    USTA rules on sex and gender for tourney and league participation

    This is such a non-issue for recreational sport.
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    Why didn't Lendl and Connors win more majors?

    The obsession with Slam count really only dates back to Sampras. As already mentioned both Connors and Lendl skipped Slams at times for various reasons, but even when they didn't didn't skip a tournament they weren't necessarily focused on peaking for it. Connors in particular often prioritised...