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    My wedding gift for Nadal and Xisca

    I was always convinced that Xisca was Nadal’s beard, but I guess setting a date means it’s probably real.
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    Shoes are so good now.

    They’ve gone too far the other way now - most of them are ridiculously overpriced for what is basically a grippy pair of runners.
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    FEDAL FINAL. Can it happen now?!

    Nadal has been pretty good at losing to any old scrub at Flushing Meadows in recent years. Is injury, no? Maybe he’ll surprise me, but this is hardly a 2017 draw.
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    FEDAL FINAL. Can it happen now?!

    I think it’s unlikely Nadal makes the final.
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    Remember when Bradley Klahn...

    Pepperidge Farm remembers.
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    How often do you get new court sneakers?

    I’ve still got a couple of pairs from about a decade ago, although I had quite a few years off in the middle.But I play on grass and carpet, so they take a while to wear out.
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    I Need A Birthday Goal

    The four goals you’ve listed are great. I know a lot of elderly players who are just content with the goal of going out there and having fun with their friends, but you’re clearly more ambitious than that. Which one you pick soley comes down to how much time and physical investment you’re...
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    Is it rude to dropshot old people?

    Not proud of the nut shot, or not proud of dropping a set to an oldster?
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    Dealing with the dashing doubles distraction

    I thought this thread was going to be about a particularly handsome gentleman on the other side of the net. To which I say, it is just something my opponents have to deal with.
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    Practicing varied speeds...

    It depends how you achieve it. Realistically you want to be striving for a pretty consistent swing speed and just varying the pace-to-spin ratio. Some 3.0 to 4.0 players can do that, others can’t. If you can’t, then the only way you can vary your pace is by consciously altering your swing speed...
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    how Common is it to throw racquets?

    As a kid, yes. As an adult, no.
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    Singles sticks in sanctioned play?

    This is not something I would make a big deal about. We often play matches on courts where the lines are not chalked to regulation width. As long as the conditions are mostly reasonable and the same for both players - no harm, no foul.
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    Would I be a monster if I bailed?

    Money is only part of the issue. Cutting a work trip short and missing a work related conference impacts your paid employment even if you use vacation. I realise this may not be the case at your grocery bagging gig.