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    The Kneissl Knockers .......

    Good news, MIKE. Though I'm a devoted BLACK STAR fan I probably could be persuaded to give the WHITE STAR A a decent try! ! (I've never forgotten how you guys across the pond reacted my problem with a flawed racquet) Charlie
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    Sorry but I did not receive your message ......

    Sorry but I did not receive your message ......
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    Favorite or best Yonex racquet.

    Without a doubt : RDTI 80
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    Help an old guy pick a new racquet

    Stick with the 315 LTD it is a great racquet.......especially when string tensions are low
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    The most comfortable racket you've played with?

    The current Black/white reissue by Angell (which I beleive is a K7 with a Slazenger paint job).... really a nice hitting racquet tho...... the original pro braided was much stiffer and had a smaller head (the Henman model)....the reissue by Angell (in collaboration with Slazenger has a 98 head...
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    The most comfortable racket you've played with?

    I agree that of the modern racquets the TF DC 315 LTD is among the most comfortable....I have 3 of them...... the Slazenger Pro Braided by Angell that I'm currently hittting with is also very nice.......
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    Diary of a Racketaholic

    Went thru that several years ago..... on the advice of my Docs nurse I got a copper bracelet, been wearing it ever since....... 5 yrs now, free of pain !! Voo doo works !!!!!
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    T Fight 315?

    I added a little lead at all 3 points ( 3,9,12) just enough that with overgrip and dampener the overall weight is 11.9 ...... all 3 of mine are 18 x 20 ..... the HL balance is still 7HL.
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    T Fight 315?

    I have 3 of them and my advice is to grab them while you can.......They are really great player racquets ..... a tiny bit of weight in the head is all that is needed and the 315 LTD really plays well, extremely comfortable (very "old school").........They are foam filled and play very much like...
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    T Fight 315?

    I have 3 of the 18M's and I too added a little lead to the hoop at 3,9,12 bringing my total weight to 11.9 oz, balance is 7.5HL. Thought about a leather grip but wanted to keep weight under 12.................
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    T Fight 315?

    I love it..... and as a result I keep buying them (now have 3 in my bag........ I have added a little lead at 3,9 and 12 and do use an overgrip and dampener. Can't imagine why more people don't use this rqcquet.
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    Low Powered, Head-Light, Arm-Friendly Rackets?

    I second the suggestion of the TFight DC 315 LTD (M18)!!!!! Great racquet, very much under the radar.........
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    Looking for a low-powered player's racquet

    The way you describe your play i would think that the 18 x 20 Technifibre TFight DC315 LTD (18M) would be the perfect fit for you !!! Give it a try and I don't think you will turn back .
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    What's your G.O.A.T. racquet?

    Unmoded Kneissl Black Star is my all time favorite followed by my current racquet ( Technifibre TFight DC 315 LTD (18M) slightly weighted with lead at 3,9 and 12)
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    Help an old guy pick a new racquet

    By my standards (I'm 83) you are a youngster ! ........ I recently acquired two : Technifibre TFight DC 315 LTD's, absolutely the finest racquets I've used in years...after affixing a small amount of lead at 12,9 and 3 these racquets strung and with overgrip weigh in at 11.9oz and the balance...