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    Can any one racquet do it all?

    Yeah my racquet
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    List your modified racquets

    My IG Prestige mp are as follow: 9-15 gram at noon to bring them up to 346-347 SW. Leather grip to bring balance back down. Some additional weight in handle and throat to make all five of them identical. Oh and black grommets!
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    Best racquet for someone who wants to play tennis for fun ?

    Any good racquet will suffice :cool:
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    How do people destroy frames picking up balls?

    Don't they just mean low balls?
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    i.Prestige MP x IG Prestige MP

    Well that sounds like a prestige to me ;):p
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    Post Pictures of your Racquets and Tennis Gear

    I'm very jealous of that frame. I've got 5 of the regular IG mp's but what wouldn't I give for like 3 of those :oops::oops::oops:
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    Darcis - New Ultra?

    Nevermind, saw it in the other thread :D
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    Darcis - New Ultra?

    Wanna share them to me :D
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    Pro staff 97 stringing issue

    The stringer hasn't made any mistakes as far as i can see :)
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    From Graphene Instinct MP to...?

    Lead tape ;)
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    Bless Borna's pretty little heart

    But a headsize of 97 won't be a H19. That would be closer to a 95 sq.inch.
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    Goran Ivanisevic is using the MXG

    Maybe some pics? :p
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    Spin To Win or Cruise Control

    Wouldn't really call a 16/19 a open pattern.
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    (DIY project) Will foam filling the handle make a Babolat a more comfortable racquet?

    Test two identical racquets. One with foam in the handle, the second one with lead inside. See if the weight matters more than the material :)
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    Racquet pulls through on returns

    Git gud ;)