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    Nadal: "One of my worst matches on clay in 14 years !"

    Fabio has beaten Nadal 3 times before, twice on clay. Not the complete surprise some would think.
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    Angell TC95 18x20 L3 grip

    Any chance you are willing to ship to USA?
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    BABOLAT PURE STRIKE PO7 18x20, 4 3/8, 9/10

    Racquet is sold, thanks TW & buyer.
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    Retiring the old Wilson 6.1 18x20, replacement suggestions appreciated

    Angell TC 95, 18x20. Pick your specs.
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    BABOLAT PURE STRIKE PO7 18x20, 4 3/8, 9/10

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Babolat Pure Strike P7 18x20 Grip Size / Size: 4 3/8 Quantity: 1 Head Size (if a racquet): 98 Condition (x out of 10): 9/10 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): Used for 2 hours, indoors, to compare with my 16x19...
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    Congrats to the 2019 Miami champ John Isner

    John was playing with house money. He would have been out in the quarter finals if Djoker showed up. Really should have lost the semi to Felix.
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    2019 Miami Final: Federer [4] vs Isner [7]

    Before Isner got injured, Fed was beating on him like a drum. The result would have been the same, injury or not. If Isner is not getting a ton of free points on his serve, he is toast.
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    John Isner has won heart today....

    That match was lost well before the injury. When Isners serve gets neutralized Consistently he has no chance, especially against a top player. Anyone could clearly see the huge holes in Isners game, that Fed exposed.
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    What about Miami allows John to play so well?

    A lucky draw and his serve account for his Miami succes. Without those two things he would be long gone. Also didn't hurt that he was gifted the semi final.
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    Isner - groundstrokes "more power" then Federer.

    Isner has power....into the net and up into the stands....the"good miss" Mentality. Go for broke and hope for the best.
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    When will an American man win a Grand Slam again?

    Isner isn't winning any best of 5 tournaments, doesn't matter the surface.
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    2019 Miami Final: Federer [4] vs Isner [7]

    If there is any Justice in the world, Isner will lose. The guy was gifted both sets yesterday. He was outplayed in both sets until the tiebreaks. Very, very lucky to still be in the tournament. I don't think Fed will donate both sets to this guy. He did nothing to get both breaks back, maybe...
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    YONEX VCORE 97 DUAL G 330, 4 3/8 GRIP

    All sold, thanks TW & buyers.
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    [Q] Felix vs. Big John [7]

    Love to see Felix win this one, but I think the servebot will prevail. Isner will do his usual, serve, wait for a tie break , and hope for one mistake. Really too bad tennis has come to this type of playing.
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    YONEX VCORE 97 DUAL G 330, 4 3/8 GRIP

    One sold, two left.