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    Cheez-It vs Cheese Nips

    Pepper Jack Cheez-Its FTW!
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    "Soft/Arm Frindely" balls

    I like the Penn balls that I buy by the case at Costco. I also like the Wilson US Open balls. I absolutely hate the Wilson Titanium balls - they feel very hard and unyielding to me, like the underlying rubber (or whatever the material is) is stiffer than other balls. I don't even like to warm...
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    Whats Your 'Go-To' Match-Beverage?

    Have any of you tried the frozen "Slap" energy drink? I picked some up at Wally World recently. It has a somewhat different profile than the typical sports drink - a lot more B vitamins and even some fiber (possible to prevent a spike/drop in energy level as the sugar is processed). I've tried...
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    Opinions about Blue clay(now with poll)

    Of course I have no idea how it plays, but I find it hard to watch on TV; it's too harsh.
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    Article re: Williams Sisters & Olympics

    It was more effort than some other players were willing to subject themselves to.
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    Article re: Williams Sisters & Olympics

    For a select group of countries, the medal count is important. The majority are actually there for something closer to the actual purpose of the Olympics. In Beijing, only 43 countries won five or more medals of any kind, out of 204 participating nations. 116 countries won no medals. China...
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    Article re: Williams Sisters & Olympics

    After what happened to Lisa Raymond with the Sydney Olympics, I am absolutely opposed to any rules being stretched, broken, changed, etc. to allow people onto the team who aren't strictly qualified. I think the girls who have been busting their butts for Fed Cup over the last few years are the...
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    Extremely irritating board bug, please advise

    I have this problem, too. (Yes, even if I check "remember me.") I sometimes see it on another board that uses the same software. Anyway, here's a temporary, if unsatisfying fix: After you log in using hte login box at the top of the page, and it takes you to the board page that clearly does...
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    Very impressed with the Australian Open

    I did enjoy seeing some of the slow-motion shots of the players doing "extreme" maneuvers - like when they were changing direction very quickly or stretching out wide. It really showed the stress their joints are under and made me even more aware of what amazing athletes the top guys - and Kim...
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    [3] V Azarenka vs. [4] M Sharapova - AO Women's Finals

    Wow, Sim and I are oddly in sync!
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    [3] V Azarenka vs. [4] M Sharapova - AO Women's Finals

    The only thing I know for sure is that my TV will have the "mute" turned up to 11. Other than that, I'm looking forward to the match!
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    What is the number one reason for framing the ball?

    I think my chronic target-watching has a lot to do with the fact that I used to be a fastpitch softball pitcher in HS. In tennis, it's like I'm looking to see if my shot is a ball or a strike. I was a decent batter, though, so maybe that theory doesn't really hold up...
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    What is the number one reason for framing the ball?

    My #1 reason: Looking at my target instead of the ball.
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    James Blake duct tape shoes really bother me for some reason...

    It seems logical, if Blake's contract with Fila is only for clothes. Why should he promote Nike if they're not paying him? The average person watching (and even the average tennis player, probably) doesn't know that's a Nike shoe unless they can see the logo.
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    French Open Apparel

    Great - thank you!