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    your picture...

    thanks! yes they are
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    your picture...

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    De La Hoya - Manny Pacquiao fight Tomorrow!

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    Evo vs. Subaru Sti vs. Mazda speed 3

    LOL that isnt a STI. and it isnt my EVO. my cousin from sent me that pic. look closely @ the decal :shock:.
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    Evo vs. Subaru Sti vs. Mazda speed 3

    EVO! my cousin also showed me these decals online too.
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    any filipinos here?

    i live right next to silverado park and used to play there a lot before the courts got abused by soccer players skaters. in the mornings is when a lot players show up but i havent been there in a while.
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    California Community College Tennis

    Long Beach City College 2007-2008
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    Does anyone here ride a motorcycle?

    i dont own a bike but everytime my cousin lets me, i ride his 2008 yamaha r6. 250r are pretty sick too, that green will catch anyone's eye. with gas prices getting so high using a motorcycle will probally help you save a do it! haha
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    Recommended poly strings for under 8$ a set?

    put in another vote for topspin cyberflash!
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    --------The Talk TennisWarehouse Stringers Club-------------

    gnarly! ch4ng eagnas flex 940 been stringing for 4 years. i string for my friends and teammates
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    what's your favourite multi under $10?

    i just strung up energetic plus on my racquet. it feels pretty good for now. ill keep yall posted once i start playing with it a lot more or when they break.
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    Anyone string for junior tournaments?

    i strung up for nationals for juniors at eldorado park during the summer. i was there for 2 days and during those 2 days i did alot of stringing. there were 2 of us stringing racquets and we strung up racquets all day or till around 5 o clock and i came in around 8 in the morning. there were a...
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    ***Gamers Lounge***

    call of duty 4 is almost here! if anyone is interested in downloading the demo click the link
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    What was your college major?

    cal state long beach and cal state dominguez hills
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    What was your college major?

    my major is radiology