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    2021 4.5 National Finals 2-2 Tiebreak [Video]

    The guy in black is fighting for his life. That will inevitably set the tone for the entire play.
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    The "String your Poly at 40" challenge thread

    I would say the opposite. It will move around more therefore notch and eventually eat through itself faster. And I do no know about you, but at a certain point of string movement I would rather just cut it out than adjust 10 strings every 5 seconds like a mad man.
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    If you’re not spraying balls, you’re not pushing your envelope.

    This was the greatest realisation of my tennis "career". If I hit every ball twice as hard, many of them will still land in the court.
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    2021 Indian Wells Med vs Dimi

    Watch him implode now.
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    2021 Indian Wells Med vs Dimi

    Anybody speak French? What is he whining about? My best guess is that he himself, an aspiring world number one, is forced to play in the sun.
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    Will Dimitrov ever win a slam?

    If we somehow persuade the ATP to turn one of the slams into a beauty copetition, he may have a chance.
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    Could you win a point off a top 100 player?

    We had an ATP top 200 guy in my league after the first lockdown when there was no tennis in the world, and he lost 1 game in 4 singles matches. Hard to estimate the level of the opposition. We do not do USTA here, and I did not play him. If I had to guess, the no. 1 singles guy on my team is...
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    Epic covers of famous songs?

    No more, I promise.
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    Grip change in the serve backswing

    I think you will have to adjust your facebook privacy settings. * My mistake. I can see the video now. The grip change seems like quite a complicated task. So replicability may be an issue here?
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    Youtubers now getting racket endorsement deals and sponsorships

    Lost for words here. Coach Gu got some serious game. It only baffles me that much more why he would spend another second of his life appearing on a channel like this.
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    How often do you replace your shoes?

    This is quite an intriguing concept for me as well. This is 2 weeks of use on my clay court shoes. They are already hard as a rock and will inevitably be torn in a couple of months. Are you telling me that Head will replace my shoes no matter what I do with them?
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    what do you use to record yourself

    Have you tried your phone? I was pleasantly suprised by the outcome (and how terrible I am).
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    Underhand serving, so hot right now, just don't

    Be cool then. Let them do what they please. Your league is social tennis.
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    Andy Murray booed after underarm service...

    Good point. The kid took it like an absolute champ.