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    hit it early = harder...?

    The great thing about taking the ball early isn't that you hit harder, it's that you cut down on your opponent's response time...that makes it seem that you're hitting the ball a lot harder than you actually are.
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    Increasing Leg Strength at home?

    Try Hindu squats. They worked wonders for me.
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    your picture...

    Gary, Please come join us, the teachers, and show us how it's done. By the way, the first sentence in your last post is a run-on. Teachers are humans, just like all you perfect people out there. :)
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    Boxers or Briefs

    MY EYES!!! MY EYES!!!!! I've been violated....
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    ATP Butts

    It's their message board, so they can do as they wish.
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    ATP Butts

    That settles it. Hurl it is.
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    ATP Butts

    I don't know whether to roll in the floor laughing or hurl....
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    ATP Butts

    LOL, I agree there, too. Didn't we have the thread about hottest and ugliest ATP girlfriends in this section?
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    ATP Butts

    Where's vamosrafa or somebody to tell the women that they can't talk about this? I was wondering how long it would take before this happened... Like people are told on here all the time, we can read the title, and we can choose not to read the thread (thank God).
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    Worst Stringing Story?

    I don't feel so bad about my mishaps, now. The two most painful: 1. String broke while I was tying off the last knot...stabbed myself DEEP in the palm of my hand with the needle nose pliers. 2. Opened a pair of flying clamps on an old, crappy stringer with my thumbbetween the clamp and...
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    I showed the Wilson rep up!! haha

    NoBadMojo, Let's mark it on our calendars: I agree with you. What's this world coming to?:)
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    What's the last book you read ?

    Tom Clancy's Executive reading The Bear and the Dragon.
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    how many pro's (M/W) play mostly/all BH slice?

    Karsten Braasch on the men's side hit mostly slow slices on the bh.
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    prettiest and ugliest player's girlfriend

    RogerFan, tu mensaje me dio risa. Me parece que ella no entiende el concepto de la ironía. ¿De qué parte de Argentina eres?
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    Who is the hottest?( I know,I'm bored)

    Well, at least we know where she keeps the second tennis ball.... :)